Sonya Marlene is the founder of BrunetteBeauty.net which encourages brunette women to rock their natural beauty with confidence.

"Success comes from knowing where your value comes from, not what society says that it comes from. Dark-haired women should not devalue themselves for simply not measuring up to society’s pressure to be rare. "


- Sonya Marlene

Why Brunette Beauty?


So why did I start a blog specifically for brunettes? There are so many different sites dedicated to different beauty types. Much of them celebrate red-hair beauty, blonde beauty, African beauty, mixed chicks, Asian beauty, but nothing found was dedicated to European Brunettes. So I decided to create one.


I am a brilliant brunette with lots of blonde moments. When I was young, I didn't realize just how blessed I was to have the beautiful dark hair I was given. The serious shine and the softness of this hair was amazing. So why did I resort to lighting my hair growing up? As a result of seeing many brunettes I know dying their hair blonde and working hard to change their looks gave me the impression that in order to be attractive, I too must lighten my hair. But after bleaching destroying my hair for years, and seeing the damage that it has done to my hair and scalp, I realized that this is simply not true. Now I realize just how special natural beauty was, and have learned to play the cards that I have been dealt really well. I am going natural, and I encourage you to do the same. I created this website specifically for brunettes to inspire you to rock your natural look with confidence.


Here we will also be talking about beauty, fashion, and hair tips that compliment brunette women, make them stand out and feel beautiful! We will be showcasing brunette friendly products and those that would help compliment dark hair beauty. This is for both extremely fair skinned and tanned skinned tones. I have taken upon myself to test these products before recommending them. This will include the Brilliant Brunette series, dry shampoo that does not leave behind residue, lotions and foundations for light complexions, and other brunette friendly products catered towards fair skinned to tanned skinned women of any age. It will be testing these products for at least 10 days before recommending them here on the site.


Since I was the only brunette woman in my family, I didn’t really have anywhere to turn to for advice about my beauty type, how to stand out and be confident, or how to care for my hair. So I created Brunette Beauty magazine for European brunettes to celebrate their dark hair and light skinned beauty. Our goal is to create our own beauty outlet to celebrate us! Why? Because we are every bit worth celebrating! We would like to empower all bronze haired beauties to feel beautiful on the inside out. After all, beauty doesn't come in a bottle, and it is so much more than hair color.


We are a site just starting out, so feel free to join us and post on our forums. Give us any feedback or tell us what you would like to see more of on our site. We are adding more great stuff as we go. So be sure to sign up for the newsletter and hope you enjoy everything this site has to offer!



Brunettes unite!

"Hair dye? Please. I've grown past that already. I will never ruin my dark locks with a bottle of bleach. It may be deemed as average, but it's mine and I'm proud of it. Nuff said!" -


Sonya Marlene

Any questions. E-mail me.


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At Brunette Beauty® we celebrate European beauty in the Brunette division. We encourage traditional values, confidence and for brunette and bronze beauties to rock their natural look with confidence. We are proud of our hair and our heritage! 

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