13 Starlets Who Look Better Brunette Than Blonde

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

Do blondes have more fun? I cant answer that one because I am a proud brunette. When I see celebs with brown hair dye their hair blonde, most of the time; they look better with their dark hair.


In 2015, Silas's mamma was rocking some very dark locks, but back in 2008, Jessica Biel tried out a yellow blonde color. Sure she can pull of the white blonde look, but it simply looks unnatural compared to her dark brown hair shade. The dark hair seems to look more mysterious and gives here that special kind of shine.


"I'll do anything to my hair if it's for a role I'm playing," Jessica Alba has said of her hair color transformations. "I tend to just go for it and have fun with color." We know this. Jessica's signature dark brown hair not only goes great with her complexion, but it also brings out her glow.


If blondes have more fun, then apparently the good times were short-lived for Kim Kardashian, as she kept her platinum hue for only a few weeks before switching back to a more natural, dark hair color. I think we can all agree that her shiny dark locks look amazing on her and not to mention gorgeous!


The star of the upcoming HBO series Vinyl spent her early years as a blonde but claims that she's been offered much better acting roles since becoming a brunette. Don't know if her natural hair color is brown, but she sure looks amazing with that brown hair shade.


This lovely actress is nearly unrecognizable as a blonde! Though she is equally beautiful in both pictures, I don't think Zooey can pull off that blonde look as well as she can that dark hair shade. It just suits her look and personality so much better.


The singer reportedly went blonde because she wanted a hair color that matched the "adventurous" nature of her second album. But nothing beats those natural dark locks she has. They give her that special kind of shine that bleached blonde hair doesn't even come close to.


The Jurassic World star gave up her naturally auburn color to try out a blonder shade in 2006. Brown hair coupled with red tones is unbeatable! We love the mixed hair colors, too. And she has it! Why change it? It looks best!


With her tanned skin, Victoria Beckham made quite the statement with a head full of two-tone blonde curls in 2006. Sure the blonde looks good, too. Not going to lie. But darker hair seems to go better with her skin tone as well as her eyes!


The actress is no stranger to color extremes, having gone from dark brown to blonde and every color in between! Jennifer Love is the perfect example of that attractive brown haired brown eyed celebrity! She's been a huge inspiration to all of us! So why should we see the need to change any of it? That brown hair shade looks much better anyhow!


The Legally Blonde actress ditched her trademark dark hair for a blonde moment in 2013. I would have to say that her shiny dark locks are absolutely stunning and should have never been touched by bleach! Oh well... everyone makes mistakes. Her dark shiny locks are perfect!


The actress showed off her blonde ambition at the 2006 Academy Awards. yes, she looks good as a blonde. But her natural brown hair seems to be what suits her character more. She has always been the attractive brunette in every movie I've seen with her. What an inspiration!


The thing about Ashley is that she has the ability to make a variety of looks seem natural and that what she’s done with her hair color. That isn’t always easy to do. She looks good with either color, but her dark hair shade definitely suits her better than her bleached blonde hair. Why? Its much shinier and vibrant.


Some would say that she's better as a blonde, but we beg to differ. As apposed to what fahv.com posted about her blonde look being the better look, I'll have to say, I pride myself on being honest in these little articles other people write so I feel I must be honest here. I find her very attractive with her natural brunette hair. Her awesome brown hair shade brings out her features and draws out her eyes, bringing attention to one of her finest features. Brown also works well on her because the compliment her skin tone and keep her from looking too washed out.

What other celebs do you think look better with brown hair? Let us know in the comments below!

It's all about the brunette! 🙌 #classy #darkfeatures #nohate #lovebrowneyes #brunettes 👸🏻😍👌

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