7 Things You’ll Notice When You Learn To Love Your Brown Locks

Updated: Sep 3, 2018

Love Your Brown Locks!

Once you have moved passed those shaming tactics people will throw at you when they see you confident, you won't help but to notice how unique you truly are, and your brown hair shade. You may also notice how unique other people are who look like you. Each person has their own unique shade of hair and personality. Here are the six things you will notice once you have learned to be confident with your natural look.

1. How dark hair glimmers and shines more light than lighter hair colors. The Darker, the shinier. You’ll see the amazing benefit as it has the tendency to turn heads!

Shiny Brown Hair is the Best!

2. The many different and unlimited brunette hair shades that are unique and truly gorgeous! Even your own!

The unlimited brown hair shades

Shiny Brown Hair is the best!

3. Healthy shiny brunette hair stands out in a sea of badly highlighted and dyed heads. Lighter hair colors may be envied, but not nearly as much as healthy shiny hair untouched by bleach!

4. It is now becoming less common to be a brunette than it is to be a blonde in the west. Why? Because everyone is dying their hair nowadays, and I mean everyone! You’ll start to notice the more you learn to love your brown locks.

Standing out as a brunette in a sea of badly highlighted heads!

5. You'll always notice when a famous blonde dyes her hair brown. It will make you soar with confidence knowing that others actually deem light skinned to bronze beauties with brunettes hair as exotic and exceptionally beautiful, so much that they try to make themselves look like you! All the more to embrace who you are!

From blonde to brunette

The following celebrities are NATURAL BLONDES !!!!!!!!!!!!

Angelina Jolie ( she dyes it brunette )

leighton meester ( she dyes it brunette)

sofia vergara ( she dyes it brunette ) sofia vergara said she’s a natural blonde and that she dyes it brunette to look more stereotypically Latina for the show modern family.

Olivia wilde ( she dyes it brunette )

Dita von teese ( she dyes it brunette )

Katy Perry ( she dyes it brunette )

Scarlett Johansen and Rachel Nichols are also natural blondes who have gone brunette.

6. You notice when a dark haired beauty flourishes and wins in adoration. This is a huge factor! You don’t have to be rare to be beautiful, and these women are here prove it! Anywhere from beauty pageants, magazines, music awards to royalty, these beauties will inspire you to love your hair even more than you already do!

Brunette Princesses

7. Most of all, you can look in the mirror with a love for what you have been given and know that you too can win at adoration and flourish, with your gorgeous brown locks!

Confidence is the key too success

For those of you who have finally embraced your natural brunette hair, have you noticed any of these things? Comment below! Much love! ;)

Rock your natural locks with confidence! #BrunettesUnite

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