"Brown hair & eyes is not an indigenous European trait"? Real Talk

Updated: Aug 17

There is this idea floating around within the Aryan circle, that promotes the idea that features such as the various shades of brown hair or cool brown eyes, which are primarily found in Europe; are not indigenous to Europe. After all, European identity can only be centered around having all light features, right? Who agrees? 🙋🏼🙋‍♂️🙋🏾‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️ And is it really true? 🤷

Here I am going to take some time to discuss this. So read on.

After one of my last blogs called: “The Aryan Standard of Beauty and the Devaluation of Europeans with dark features” somewhat went viral, I began to see the response to some of the things I wrote on the issue. After reading some of the comments, both positive and negative, I started to see a pattern in the way white people responded to these posts. It helped me understand where white people are at concerning this issue. It helped me understand, more than ever before, just how complicated this subject really is.

This thing we call ‘Neo-Paganism’ in the white community, is that which demonstrates a preference for all light features over dark ones; and the belief that these traits are superior. It’s also promoted as the “blonde/red hair is superior” or “rarity is superior” mindset that’s been floating around as well. The religion of Neo-Paganism is a little too complicated to explain in one video or blog. Here I will only be focusing on one of the ideas they promote, such as the idea that ‘brown hair or eyes are not indigenous to Europe’.

This subject is very thought provoking, and I don’t know if white people are ever going to completely snap out of this mindset that is so problematic to most of us and how we view our beauty. As much as I would like to see this happen, the majority of whites haven’t come out of this way of thinking enough to fix the issue with this type of prejudice or beauty standard that has been so ingrained in us. We are programmed to believe that the more rare traits we have, the more valuable we are. The less we have, the less valuable we are. Many of us have been programmed to believe this stuff from youth, even without even realizing it or where the belief stems from.

For example, if I asked my blonde friend about hair dye, "Is that natural? Did you dye your hair?" I would get responses such as: "Are you jealous?" As if I should be envious of others with lighter hair colors, because it's the ideal, right? I began to realize why the brunette women in my family would all bleach their healthy brown locks. So I wanted to dye mine, too. Too bad my mother wouldn't let me. My 12-year-old self was at an ever more revolt to have her hair the way that she wanted.

What I needed to realize was that healthy shiny brown locks were something that bleached red or bottled blonde hair could never hold a candle light to. I just needed to get that revelation. One day, a lady set me down and reassured me that. And she was right.

I did not realize this, but many a time, I have seen people with lighter hair shades and lighter eye colors be put at the forefront by those who subscribe to this mindset as being the representation of what it means to be of European or white ethnic stock, and what it means to be beautiful. And when brunette women and brunet men finally wake up and realize how problematic this mindset is, maybe our people might be able to snap out of this self-hate mode that they’ve been indoctrinated into by Aryanism. Because when they see that they are not valued unless they have all light features, it can result in the opposite side of the very thing that these Aryans say that they are shooting for. For them, it’s all about preserving light recessive genes, instead of preserving the actual identity of the European peoples and cultures. Just being realistic here.

No population in the world has all recessive genes. That’s why they are called recessive genes.

I see, many a time; people making statements such as: “Brown hair or eyes are not an indigenous European trait”. I just see the dishonesty, cognitive dissidence, and flat out stupidity from some of these comments. The stupidity that I see people responding with under my posts celebrating brunettes or Europeans with brown eyes are so extremely cringe worthy, it’s gotten to a point when we are becoming our own worst enemy. They are the ones who are promoting white self-hate more so than anyone else, it seems.

Brunette European women in history

Many of these Aryan people who make these assumptions just don’t understand genetics or even know about their own history. I have yet to see any of our men challenge this ideology in a very thought provoking way. I have yet to see any brunette women standing up to these bullies because they are afraid of being shamed, being called jealous or told they are not worth it. You can’t fix any problem with this type of mentality.

All I can do is provide pointers that will help strengthen our people and help them grow in their confidence, and learn to appreciate, love and celebrate their differences, whether they have light hair or dark hair or in between, no matter what eye color they were born with. And for those who are spreading this poison called 'Aryanism', don’t say nobody tried to warn you about this destructive mindset that has caused more self-hate in our community than anything else.

And to all of my new 3000+ followers and subscribers, I just wanted to say, the point of this site is to encourage confidence to our brunette daughters in a way that has not been shown to them in our very competitive Western world. To help them grow in confidence and overcome these difficult issues. The point is to break the power of the self-hate this Aryan mindset encourages our brunette daughters to have and to help them learn to love and cherish what had been gifted to them. All of our women and girls are worth celebrating regardless of their hair and eye pigmentation.

This is what inspired me to start the Brunette Beauty FB page, blog, and youtube channel. This is what inspired me to make a site that celebrates them, encourages them and provides pointers that will help them to tackle the struggles they may face.

And if you think that I talk too much about this topic, unfollow! If you don’t want to hear about this stuff, this isn’t the blog or page for you, plain and simple. And for those of you who want to nitpick our women and tell them that they must hold themselves to a 'standard' to be successful, I'm just going to be blunt. You don't get to decide what our beauty standards are. You don't get to decide what we can or cannot celebrate. Your personal preferences don't determine our success or our value system. And for those of you who want to downplay our struggles or call us SJWs for standing up to the critics, you don't get to decide what we can or cannot speak of concerning our personal struggles, disposition, or what we are passionate about. Don't just assume you know what another person is going through based on your own personal experiences or disposition. Every woman is different as well. And so is every brunette. Certainly these struggles don't apply to every single brunette woman out there. But there are many that have come to me and shared some of their stories with me, and I will tell you that it is important to address these issues.

Brunette European women

If you want to hear about how to combat anti-whiteism, the UN’s open border policy, how whites have been discriminated against via affirmative action and how we can solve the problem, or how we are not allowed to have programs that exclusively support us, or nationalism for our countries? If you want to hear about a more broader range of topics, it’s totally understandable. But this is not a political blog or page. Here we combat the Aryan standard of beauty and the prejudice that has been expressed against us due to our darker pigmentation. Here we uplift white to tanned beauties who were born with these darker features and encourage confidence and a love for what has been gifted to them. We talk about Brunette Beauty and promote beautiful European women and girls who were born with these darker hair shades.

We promote products and marketing that is exclusively for them to care for their hair and beauty. We talk about the modeling industry, the beauty industry and even the entertainment industry, and the bleach industry that people spend billions of dollars on every year. So when someone comes to me and tells me that this stuff doesn’t really matter, it shows that they really don’t care about ending white self hate in our community.

Some people will tell us that we should not look for ‘outside validation’. They think that the only thing that matters is what you think of yourself. What about the fashion, beauty products, makeup, nice clothes, hair style tools that we buy? Isn’t this in an attempt to get outside validation from others? Yes, self-esteem matters. But to act like the other doesn’t matter is being dishonest. The numbers spent on the beauty and bleach industry don’t lie, folks.

The reason why my blog, FB page, and channel are growing at such a rapid rate is because people care. You may not agree with everything I talk about or how I address the problems. I may talk about subjects that might make people feel uncomfortable, but nevertheless you care. This world is superficial the way that it is. And these are the problems we have to deal with.

Brunette Women and Exclusivity

So now to address the topic of all light features as being the representation of what it means to have white identity (or to be ‘pure’ aka ‘not mixed’). The purity spiralists are at it again. It goes like this:

Brown hair is not unique?

The argument that indo-European genes exclude brown hair and eyes and tells women who have these brown hair shades that they are not unique. smh 🤦‍♀️

Brown hair and brown eyes are not indo-European?

In response to these ignorant comments, I would like to point out that every shade of hair is unique.

While it may seem like only a few people have rare hair colors such as white blonde, red, auburn, strawberry blonde, the truth is that everyone has a unique hair shade, just like fingerprints.

Unique brown hair shades

No two brunettes are exactly the same, either. We have different skin tones, eye colors, face shapes, hair textures, hair shades, eye shapes. We can have different builds and pretty faces. We can have curly hair, straight hair, silky hair, coarse hair, and various different hair shades from the lightest brown, mahogany, chestnut, dark brown auburn, plum brown, to black-brown. So even if you have brown hair, your hair color and shade are still unique!

"But... but... you have brown eyes and brown hair. That's a non indo-European trait." 🤡

Typical Aryan argument. Oh the irony. 😒😒😒😒

The main argument is:

‘Brown is not an indo-European trait’ ‘Westerners with brown traits are mixed with non-white traits’ “All light features are a sign of ‘pure’ genes.”

These are some of the main comments that I have seen excluding brunettes because of their ‘brown features’. How divisive can you be today?

Brunette European Women

So our ethnic identity might as well be in question because of our dark aspects, right? Let me go ahead and address why those comments are as stupid as hell. Any time you all see anyone saying these things on social media, please reference them to this, ok?

Btw, here is a brunet guy' tweet below. How is it that he can score 100% European according to his DNA test if he possesses brown hair? Isn't it ironic?

Genetic inheritance and genealogy.

Brunette European Woman

They are two different things. Is it possible to have an ancestor that was different, but indeed not inherit anything from that ancestor? Yes. We know that Europeans are the population that are most likely to have brown hair. And should we also mention, the only place in the world where various shades of brown hair are most common? Many of us ‘Europeans’ or ‘European descendants’ of all hair and eye shades know that some of us do have some sort of difference in our ancestry. For example, some Hungarians may have Mongolian blood in them. Some white Americans may have an Amerindian in their ancestry. Some Europeans have Ashkenazi Jews in their genealogy and/or DNA.

However, am I allowed to be Jewish if I had some less than .1% Ashkenazi Jewish blood in me? Better yet, is a black person; who has a small amount of European blood allowed to be white? Or be a biracial mixed person? Are we going to one-drop-rule everything? And are we all really going to jump onto this bandwagon of stupidity? This argument is ludicrous, because if brunette whites and mixed chicks are the same, then why are we distinguished from biracials (Ashkenazi Jews, Mulattos, Eurasians etc.) Why do we need the term ‘Mixed’ in separation of brunettes if we are mixed, too?

This is the dumbest counter-argument on earth. Have you noticed that the only time people bring this up is when we post positive things about our darker hair colors or dare to stand proud of them? “How dare they be proud? How dare they love their darker features!” It's like they want to remind us of where they are placing us in society. It's a pretty superficial way of thinking.

The other time they bring this up is when we are talking about bias in the white community concerning this Aryan worldview.

How They Act When White People Claim Mixed Heritage

Any time we talk about people’s ethnic mix, who are considered to be mixed aka biracial, they will tell you what they are mixed with and why their hair is the way it is, and why their eyes are the way that they are. And yet if a white person dares to say they are mixed with anything other than white, why do you think they continue to call us white, anyway? Think about it.

How others react when white people claim mixed heritage

How whites are perceived when they claim mixed heritage (by leftists):

When white people claim AmerIndian blood, but didn't inherit anything from it.

How is it that these whites, despite the fact that they had an ancestor that was different; look European? Can they still claim they are mixed? Or could this be an indication that they inherited their genes from their European ancestors, only? Can someone's DNA test result come back 100% European despite the fact that they may have an ancestor that was different? Yes. So sorry, no victim points for you. Need I go down this list? They are still considered to be white. Because people will identify you based on how you look. That's just the way it is.

So why identify as mixed when we are not accepted as mixed or accepted in the mixed community because we don’t look ambiguous enough?

But the argument is, there are Europeans with dark features, and dark features are an indication that you are mixed, right? Because there are some that are, so that makes the rule, right? Wrong. Sure some are. There are exceptions, but that does not make the rule. Now tell me why brunette white people are NEVER featured on mixed chicks platforms. They are literally excluded on these platforms. Why? I wonder. Maybe it might be because they don’t have dark skin or courser hair. They don’t have ‘asian eyes’, 'black features' or ‘semetic features’. They don’t have what other races have. They are labeled as white by everyone else (except those of the Aryan purity spiralist worldview). Why? These people don’t fit the description or measure up to what it means to be biracial aka mixed.

DNA is passed down randomly.

Assume each letter in the blocks below represents a segment of DNA. Examining the blocks, you can see how different segments of DNA were passed down from Glenda's grandparents to make her unique DNA. Notice how the amount of DNA she received from a particular ancestor decreases over generations and how her DNA differs from that of her siblings. If you go back far enough in Glenda's ancestry, there is a chance that she inherited no DNA from a particular ancestor.

Do all light features really signify that a person is ‘pure’ blooded?

I hate to break it to you, but mixing has happened since the beginning of time! Nobody can claim ‘purity’ unless you are a spiralist, of course. No one else can though. Not when it comes to genealogy. Let’s look at the other side of the argument. There are white people with blonde hair and blue eyes who have Jewish or Amerindian ancestors. Even African ancestors.

Take this white blonde girl for example. She has some non-white ancestors. But she's considered to be 'pure' according to the spiralists.

So that throws the whole ‘purity argument’ out the window, doesn’t it? Having blonde hair and blue eyes doesn’t mean you have all European ancestry. But it does mean that you inherited your genes from your European ancestors. So I would venture to say that there is a difference between genetic inheritance and genealogy.

The brunette look vs the Ambiguous look.

I addressed some of these questions on the blog I titled: does the term ‘brunette’ only apply to white women? How many brunette women or brunet men look racially ambiguous compared to their lighter haired counterparts? If brunettes are mixed with non-European traits because of their brown pigment, then why is it that the only difference between a brunette and a blonde white is the hair color?

They possess the same phenotypes. These arguments are pretty dumb. Again, there are exceptions. But if we don’t see light skin, colored eyes, and silky straight or silky curly brown hair on a biracial person on average, then that does not make the rule.

What are European Features?

It's sad that I have to explain this to some people that still don't get it. But this obviously needs to be addressed to some people. Why or for what reason should I have to explain this to some of you? Because I keep seeing the same stupidity and flat out dishonesty from some of you regarding what is or is not of white European ethnic stock. The proof is in the comments I showed you above and the one below. And personally, I'm getting pretty sick of this ignorance that is constantly being promoted by this small minority of people within the white positive movement, and working to shame our people out of their confidence or to make them feel like that they cannot share in this solidarity. Literally no other race of people does this, folks. We are an exception due to our diverse hair and eye combinations, but why be divided on something as shallow as hair color? This is flat out stupidity.

A lot of you people who are subscribed to this Aryan mindset under the guise of a white positive movement are being dishonest about this. You are not telling the truth. And I am only doing this to jot down the points that need to be made about this because I don't want to have to keep explaining this to people who don't get the picture or don't want to. I don't want to have to keep countering some of these same arguments that are thrown at us over and over again. I'm done playing this mind game. I don't want to repetitively keep making these points to questions and comments such as: 1. Who is white? 2. Brown hair/eyes are not indo-European. 3. What are white features? 4. All light features are a sign of genetic purity.

5. Whites are diverse. Everyone else has brown skin, brown hair, and brown eyes. 6. 95% of the world have brown hair.

7. You look mixed. Why don't you take a DNA test?

How divisive can you be? These questions and comments are all made at white people, and with an assumption that our identity is solely centered around having all light features with no Eumelanin (brown pigment) in our skin, hair or eyes? The next one is even more cringe worthy.

So here I am, once again; addressing some of the stupidity and dishonesty of these comments and questions under my posts celebrating brunette Europeans and those with brown eyes. This comment is especially dishonest. It not only deems brown features as blan, but also suggests that everyone in the world has our various brown hair shades and that they are not diverse. Everyone in the world doesn't have our various shades of brown hair and pale to tanned skin! Most have black Eumelanin in their hair which consists of 84% of the world population. Most have various shades of brown skin. No less beautiful. But that is the statistic. So your estimation is way off course. Europeans have brown Eumelanin in their hair which is the most diverse in hair shades, (which some middle easterners and biracial people may also have).

Why should I have to keep explaining to you what white identity is centered around and what white features look like when you know sure and well what they look like!? These Aryan minded people never want to include the entire sphere of white people when discussing European identity, heritage, culture, and beauty. And I see a whole lot of distaste towards those with brown features and this assumption that brunettes make up 99% of the globe, which is coupled with ignorance and untruthful assumption.

They speak as if only those with blonde or red hair can possibly be diverse, which is very dishonest.

European whites also have brown hair. We also have Eumelanin in our skin just as other races do, just a much smaller amount of it. We also have brown eyes. Even blue eyed people can carry the brown eyed gene and pass it down to their offspring. Even people with green eyes, hazel eyes, amber eyes have brown eumelanin in their eyes. Even blondes have brown eumelanin in their hair colors and eye shades.

Our identity isn't about whether or not we have a certain hair or eye color. It's not necessarily about about whether or not we have tanned skin or super pale skin. It's not about our pigment as much as it is our phenotypes. Statistically the majority of white people have a shade of brown Eumelanin, either in their eyes or their hair. So why the dishonesty, folks? Funny how it is, when this subject is brought up, the first thing these "white positive" people (in name) want to do is bring up their bias against non-whites and lump brunettes in with them because of our brown hair colors or brown eyes.

"But Sonya, most everyone has these brown features, around 95% of the world do because non-whites also have them. That is proof they are just too common." But I can just as easily say that there are also non-white such as Melanesians, Africans, Asians, and Australian aboriginals who have blonde/red hair and blue eyes. What's your point? Brown hair is less expressed in a population of non-whites just as blonde and red hair are. That doesn't prove anything.

If you were to remove all pigment from the entire human genome, how would you be able to recognize who is who concerning cultural identity, heritage and beauty type? Phenotypes. So let's think outside of your colorist viewpoint and recognize our own people when we see them!

So why in the world are we bringing up non-whites when discussing our people and the cultures they come from, anyway? And why are you dissing them? Because they have brown skin? And what do they have to do with the subject? And why are you comparing yourself to them?? And why are you also lumping in brunettes with your colorist bias?

I can, on one hand; understand the reason why you want to compare yourself to non-whites. Because you have this need to feel different and be exclusive. And who doesn't want to stand out and be different? And some of you do while basking in your pride and haughtiness to the point when other people begin to hate you for it. It's not all the time that people hate us because we are different. Who wants to be around a haughty and high-minded person with a superiority complex (which I see a lot of in these comments I am finding on these European pages)? I know I don't want to be around people like that, which is how I can also understand why some of these non-whites have a distaste towards us. And I see you doing the same thing to whites with brown features.

You want to exclude anyone who doesn't have your color scheme, and that includes the brunette demographic. Let's be honest. We get it. It's very divisive. And you wish to exclude them as being of a mixed demographic because they aren't 'diverse' enough for you. And you can try to play this mind game with us all you wish, but at the end of the day, silky hair, pale to tanned skin tones, freckles, various hair colors and shades from the darkest of night to light and bright colors, thinner lips, more keen or pointy features our outwardly pointed features, various eye colors and shades (including brown) is white European wherever you go. So apparently, that is where white identity starts. Mixed does not start with brown hair, lighter skin tones, or cool brown, blue or green eyes, and outwardly pointed facial features, and narrow noses. So to stereotype a white person with brown hair or eyes as being mixed is being very dishonest guys. I’m not going to get into percentages of what is white enough and what is not, I’m not going to go there. But I will say that it does have to start and end somewhere. You can’t one drop rule everyone in. That’s not going to work, either. This is why I am not too fond of the DNA conversation because this is where white identity begins. So, let's recognize our people when we see them.

I'm not going to revert to dishonesty about our identity. I realize the the sculpt of white European peoples vary within each culture. For example, the Germans have a certain look about them that makes them stand out. Same goes with Italians, Meds, Nordics, Slavs and so on. They even may differ here in North America. Nevertheless, everywhere you go it starts with pale skin, narrow noses, more outwardly pointed features, mostly smooth long straight hair (sometimes loose curls), thinner lips, average muscle build and bone structure, and various hair and eye color combinations. I realize that there are variations of differences within the white ethnic groups, as any other group of people or race, but lets also recognize the commonalities and similarities we have with each other. If we, on average; saw many brunette white people who were biracial, we would not treat it like it was uncommon.

What Is Mixed?

What is mixed?

So when I point out someone as being ambiguous looking, it may be because they have darker skin tones (coffee to really dark brown), rounder faces, courser wooly hair, kinky hair or Indian features (Aztec, AmerIndian, Incan), epicanthic fold in the eyes, Semitic or middle eastern features, black eyes, wide flatter noses, rounder faces, fuller lips, and so on. That should be understood when we are talking about ambiguity or mixed. So why should I have to explain this?

White European identity does not start with course curly hair, flat wide noses, the epicanthic Asiatic eyes, or coffee colored skin tones. We know that it is non-white and mixed people who have these features. Let's be honest about this for once.

I shouldn't have to explain myself to people what my ethnic identity is because of my hair color. So I'm going to point out some things. I am promoting the common phenotypes of white people from around the world, especially in white America, because I am a white American woman. I am not obligated to promote people of other phenotypes with brown hair (though sometimes I do). When we refer to brunettes we don't usually think of non-whites with brown hair. Ever wonder why? Europeans and Westerners are the population that are more likely to have brown hair. And we can say the same about red and blonde hair.

Most people who are brunettes are of Western leanage. And they are the population with the most people with the brown, blonde, and red hair colors. Most non-whites do not have these features.

So how is this debatable, guys? For those of who have been outside of Western civilization, do you see many people with pale skin and brown hair? Other than middle Eastern countries? Or other hair colors for that matter? In Asia? Africa? The middle East? India? With Western eyes or Western features?

I am going to say that brown silky hair, various eye colors, and pale skin are white European features because that is what they are. We should all know how to define this by now. Even after the thousands of years of the existence of Western civilization. Otherwise, how are we going to advocate for our own people if we don't understand how to define who our people are? Or what makes them who they are?

Here we are promoting unambiguous undeniable white European women with various brunette hair shades, various eye colors and alabaster to tanned skin tones.

If they happen to come from different parts of the world such as Egypt, South America, or even South Africa, it does not matter. As long as there is no ambiguity, that's ok! Why? The less ambiguous they are, the more the actual identity is defined. They have to be unmistakably and unquestionably of white ethnic stock.

The difference in the treatment of white brunettes vs mixed chicks

The Ambiguous look vs the Western look

Mixed people are going to get those questions as to what they are mixed with. It is inevitable. Why aren't white brunettes asked these questions by non-whites or leftists? They are always labeled as white. Nobody who is trying to demonize them will take them seriously when they claim to be 'mixed' (unless these leftists are trying to make the argument that 'we're all mixed and it doesn't matter' when they want to inflict harm on Western civilization). Nobody is going to look at an ambiguous person and demonize them for being white. Nobody is going to look at them and not know there is some admixture. We know how non-white and mixed are defined. The left defines it for us all the time. We also know how white is defined. If you are white, you will be demonized by leftists. Even they know how to tell the difference. Why can't we? So let's stop playing dumb about this.

The truth is, we know what white features are. But all of a sudden, these purity spiralists come along and try to make a divide in our community due to some Aryan worldview or dislike about someone's appearance, mainly brown hair or eyes. They start playing stupid and start deflecting when the topic of European identity comes up. And nobody wants to feel left out, do they? And isn't that understandable? But we still aren't going to play stupid. I'm not going to do that on my forum, channel, or blog. So I'm not playing any games with those of you who want to try and pick apart our ethnic identity due to our hair strands. That isn't going to look good on you and it sure won't go over well with most white people, including most of those in the white positive sphere. So it would be wise to stop trying to nitpick our ethnicity when you know sure and well what a white person looks like. If you are treated differently than the people that are in the mixed group, then how can you identify with their struggles and the things they go through? How can they identify with yours? How can you truly be a part of that group? Either you grew up being demonized because of your white skin or ethnicity or you didn’t. And if you did, then you aren’t biracial or considered mixed.

A brunette white women’s experience is not the same as those of the biracial and mixed sphere. Let’s just be real about this. All of these counter-arguments that these neo-pagans and Aryan minded people people make against us are very dishonest. Because they are lumping us with their inherit prejudice against non-white people. By large, people normally look like what they are. As far as ambiguous is concerned, the darker their skin, wider rounder facial phenotypes, the more foreign phenotypes they have. That goes hand-in-hand with complexion. Not hair and eye color.

Percentages in DNA don’t matter as much as your phenotypes. If you are white passing, people are going to see you as white no matter if you had an ancestor that was different or not. Same goes if you are black passing or mixed passing. Now, I’m not telling people how they should identify. However, you can’t stop people from identifying you how they see you. And people are going to profile you based on how you look. And on average, people look like what they are. Yet people will say: “You can be white but not full white, because brown hair is not a European trait”? Those arguments are dumb. They are dumb to me.

Whites with brown hair, just as any other white person; produces Eumelanin. Just more abundance of it in their hair. Two whites with brown hair can also birth children with lighter hair colors as well. Two blue eyed people can also have a brown-eyed child. And for those who do not agree with me, if brunettes are mixed people and we are exactly the same as biracials, then why do people make the distinction? If they are white like us, and we are mixed like them, then why aren’t we promoted on ‘mixed’ platforms? Understanding the genetics behind brown pigment.

It’s in all of us, unless you are an albino. Brown pigment is produced by what scientists call Eumelanin. Pheomelanin is what produces the red-blonde pigments in the hair and brunettes also produce small amounts of it in their hair. Our brunette undertones, for example; widely have red or blonde pigment in them. So to say that brown pigment, aka Eumelanin; is a non-Indo-European trait is a statement coupled with a lack of knowledge of genetics. Studies have shown that we all have Eumelanin (brown pigment) in our skin as well as our hair. But as white people, we don’t produce much of it in our skin. That is why our skin is widely pale. Blondes also have Eumelanin in their hair and eyes. Yes, they carry the gene, too; just a smaller amount of it. The more they have, the darker their blonde hair is. This can also explain why blonde hair darkens overtime as people age. Because of the abundance of Eumelanin produced in their hair increases as they age. Blonde hair and blue eyes are just a result of a lack of Eumelanin and a more abundance of Pheomelanin, which produces that yellow or red pigment. The absence of Eumelanin is a condition known as albinism , which in turn; does not allow you to produce any type of melanin in your skin, hair or eyes.

Can blue eyed parents have a brown eyed child?

Before you write this whole article off as a farce by the assumption that two blue-eyed parents cannot have a brown-eyed child, let’s explain. Each parent has to have a copy of one of two different genes that depend on each other in order to produce brown pigment in the eyes. They are the OCA2 gene and the HERC2 gene. In order for the child to inherit brown eyes from their blue eyed parents they must receive a working OCA2 gene from one parent and a working HERC2 gene from the other parents. These two genes work together to make the eyes brown. If one of these two genes are broken, brown pigment cannot be produced in the eyes, therefore making blue eyes instead of brown. See details here.

Can two blondes have a brown haired child? It’s not common, but indeed possible. This gene is involved in both skin and hair color.

Some versions of this gene can lead to pale skin, freckles, and/or lighter hair. Which version of the MC1R gene that gets passed down is completely random. So each parent has a 50% chance of passing an M and a 50% chance of passing an m. The image to the left shows the four possible combinations that their kids might have.

In each of these four cases, one MC1R gene copy came from mom and the other from dad. Each child has a 50% chance of getting the same MC1R gene combination as their parents. Each child also has a 25% chance of having red hair.

And finally, each child will have a 25% chance of not getting the fair version of the MC1R gene from either parent. This child has a good chance of ending up darker than his or her parents.

Unfortunately coloring is too complicated to say that each of their kids has a 25% chance of being darker than them. This is because having a fair version of the MC1R gene doesn't always lead to lighter hair and/or skin. There are undoubtedly other genes that we don't know about that are involved too.

See here for more details.

When did the recessive mutations first begin to manifest themselves, historically? From a historical standpoint, we all started out with brown eyes. Every nation, every tribe, every kindred.

It is believed that humanity started out having brown eyes, and due to genetic mutations, other colors came about. Perhaps this is why brown is the most common (but no less beautiful)!

Originally, we all had brown eyes. But a genetic mutation affecting the OCA2 gene in our chromosomes resulted in the creation of a 'switch,' which literally 'turned off' the ability to produce brown eyes.
— Professor Hans Eiberg, Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, University of Copenhagen

So where does this belief that brown Eumelanin is a non Indo-European trait come from? Look no further than Aryanism. And note: The theory of an “Aryan race” appeared in the mid-19th century and remained prevalent until the mid-20th century.

And now that we can understand genetics a little better, we can understand a little more about how genes work, how they are passed down and how they can be inherited. What do you think? Agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments! It's all about the brunette! 🙌 #classy #darkfeatures #nohate #lovebrowneyes #LoveBlueEyes #LoveGreenEyes #AmberEyes #brunettes #DarkAndLovelyLocks 👸🏻😍👌

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