Brown Hair - The Most Underrated Hair Color

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

I came across this meme stating: “You’re just jealous that my hair color can be found in rainbows and yours can be only found in dirt.” So here, I will be responding to this.

I've seen some pretty mean things floating around on the internet. But this one cuts the cake. Why do they see the need to put us down to elevate themselves? This is just plain mean LOL! Now, imagine if the roles were reversed and brunettes did this. They would be deemed as a jealous and insecure group of women who were desirous of rare beauty. But when redheads do it, it's empowering? Well, I found a good comeback for this one, so read on!

First of all, lets address the issue of why brown hair may have a bad rap, as some would say. When redheads/blondes are elevated, brunettes can sometimes feel left out, no joke. We don’t get the major publicity nor the elevation that they do... and for a reason.

Often Brunettes are under-appreciated!

But why does brown hair have such a bad reputation according to popular opinion?

According to Wiki: “The brown color is seen widely in nature, in wood, soil, human hair color, eye color and skin pigmentation. Brown is the color of dark wood or rich soil. According to public opinion surveys in Europe and the United States, brown is the least favorite color of the public; the color is most often associated with plainness, the rustic and poverty.”

Brown hair gets unfavorable criticism. They say brown hair is "boring." It's as though brown hair, since it's darker than most hair colors; is not as eye catching as blonde, strawberry blonde or red hair and therefore, not as appreciated. It is often thought of as a dull and sensible color. Who wants to appear to be dull and sensible constantly? And once you mose through all the bad press brown hair color gets, you'll see how underrated it really is.

All the while, we see redheads and other non-brunettes celebrate their hair color all the time, and that is viewed as admirable. But if we dare attempt to celebrate our dark features, here comes the critics. It is almost like they don't want you to feel confident. They want to help you realize that you really aren't the ideal society praises after all. But there is so much more to a girl than her hair color. Why can't they see that? You may hear them say controversial stuff about us, such as:

“You’re desperate for attention, aren’t you?”

"Brown hair is too common, nothing special." "But... we are 2 to 3 percent of the population. Therefore, we are more valued."

“You’re just jealous that my hair color can be found in rainbows and yours can be only found in dirt.”

Brunette Shaming Tactics

The moment you want to throat punch somebody, but you keep your cool anyway!

How can these people be so arrogant? They make me sick!

The Superiority Complex

They love to remind us where we are placed in society, don't they? They love it when people call us common, inferior and deem us as lower quality. They love it when we dye our hair to try and make ourselves look like them. All the while they will continually exclude you while saying: "Natural redheads only. No fakes please!" While they laugh at you and bask in their pride and arrogance! It is super cringy! And who comes to our defense when people say things like this?

It goes to show you, we can’t rely on outside validation to be confident. So how do we combat this?

First start with some cool comebacks!

“But without dirt, where would flowers come from? He he he! I love my dirt hair!” #StayingAwayFromBleachForever!
“My hair is dirt colored, but that's okay😍. Beauty comes in all different colors and shades.”
Yes, my hair is the color of the earth. And flowers can only grow in deep rich soils.
That's not true. Our hair color can also be found in chocolate. And there’s a good reason brown hair and chocolate share similar tones. Brunettes are sweet and delicious.
It's the difference between skittles and M & M's. Some like to taste the rainbow and some like chocolate. It's all a matter of taste!
Confidence isn't: "I'm better than everyone else." Real confidence is: " I have no need to compare myself to anyone else." - Kristina Kuzmic
True confidence leaves no room for jealousy. If you know that you're great, you have no need to hate.

Though many of us may say that we don’t care what people think, let’s just be honest, it’s a real struggle many women go through. Women love compliments. We love elevation. And when you are criticized for your looks because you don’t measure up to some beauty standard, it can be heart wrenching! Yes, wearing your natural dark hair and flaunting it may get you some compliments, but it will also be overlooked a lot and may even get you some negative attention from people who don’t care for or admire brown hair beauty.

You can't please everyone.

Some people will just always have a problem with dark features on white women. It doesn’t matter how attractive you are, how fit you are, how flawless you may be, people will overlook you, they will be rude, they will make comments like these. But if they don’t like it, oh well. It’s their problem, not yours. It's your hair and you are the one that's wearing it, bottom line! And learning to love it can be empowering!

Toting our brown hair means that we don't need bi-weekly solon visits in order to look good!
My biggest struggle growing up was receiving, criticism like this from my peers in school by being called “common” or “jealous” by others for simply having brown hair. I was made to feel that there was something wrong with me because of the color of my hair.

To tell you the truth, I didn’t want to be overlooked because I had dark hair. After all, it’s rarity that is so elevated and sought out for. Why do you think slave traders charge a higher price for a blonde women than your typical dark haired beauty? It’s sick, I know. But it’s true. So don’t seek or desire validation from the media or these heady people who criticize your looks. Don’t try to seek attention from the very people who will overlook you. You don’t need it from them. There are people who don’t like dark hair on women and girls, and that’s ok. It’s not our job to appease these people.

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It may seem unfair that we are overlooked to such an extent, but realize there are other ways we can stand out other than hair color. European women with dark features can make themselves valuable in other ways. It’s all about strategy. Keep that in mind.

Secondly, come back with confidence!

Let’s understand our value. If you have to prove your worth to someone else, you have already forgotten your value. Our hair color may not be the most elevated, but when a woman with darker features shows pride in her natural look and feels confident with her dark hair, it may piss other people off. This may also be the reason behind why they say the things they do. And when they spout off their negative remarks, this is a red flag. It is a sign that they don’t feel comfortable with you being confident the way that you are and wish you to feel inferior to them. This is all the reason why you should become confident with your natural dark hair.

I'm not sorry if this makes people feel uncomfortable!

Got to love it when other people feel uncomfortable with me being proud of my dark features and showing off my natural beauty, what grows out of my head! Not some fake dyed job out of some bottle! Remember, it’s not your job to appease these people who criticize your looks. So be that person who is confident!

Embracing your natural dark hair is very liberating because it’s the opposite of what ‘they’ say we have to be in order to be valued. If we, as a whole; would quit trying to fit into society's mold for beauty standards, we would have our own beauty standard and platforms celebrating women who look like us.

So if you are a beauty with natural dark hair, and you are thinking about going natural, do it! They will simply have to learn to deal with their own bias. Leave it to them to worry about. It’s not your problem, its theirs. And eventually, you will learn to stop caring what the critics say about your hair!

Brown hair is anything but boring. #MegaShine

Fear not: if you've got brown hair and you're a bit down about it, don't be. Brown hair is fantastic! Brown hair is sexy, shiny and healthy; it can look sumptuous and decadent. Every shade of brown is unique, so lets prove them wrong by showing how amazing brown hair color can be, unapologetically, and keep it dark and lovely!

My natural hair does not come in a bottle, nor do I wan't it to. It may be deemed as 'average' but it's beautiful and it’s mine, and I’m proud of it!

Just a reminder that you're beautiful in your own individual way! Never compare yourself to others. True confidence doesn't need to compare itself! 🌈💘🦄🙌

It's all about the brunette! 🙌 #classy #darkfeatures #nohate #lovebrowneyes #LoveBlueEyes #LoveGreenEyes #AmberEyes #brunettes #DarkAndLovelyLocks 👸🏻😍👌

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