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Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Brownielocks day

Brown seems to be a pretty underrated hair color, yet we shine more than any other hair color out there. So I say that we are every bit worth celebrating as those who are in the spotlight. And I've often wondered why we haven't realized that yet. So I decided to come up with a holiday that celebrates women who look like us. But surely, I'm not the first one who thought of this. So I did some extensive research. It was then I came across a website called BrownieLocks, which is a kid friendly site that writes about bizarre holidays and observances. I came across this article they wrote about a newly established day called "Brownie Locks day". And I've got to hand it to you, this was good news for me! And it will be for all you brown haired beauties out there, too. Unlike what most would assume, there is actually a holiday that celebrates brunettes! Who would have thought it?

According to Checkiday, Brownielocks Day, also known as "Big Hair Day", is observed next on Saturday, November 24th, 2018. It has been observed annually on November 24th since 1999. Amazing! So why isn't this common knowledge? Its time to spread the word!

Who is allowed to celebrate?

If you have brown hair, it's your day to celebrate being a brunette!

To non-brunettes: If you aren't one, you can still join in the celebration, too! You don't have to be a brunette to celebrate brunettes! To all you brunettes out there, if anyone else wants to take part in Brownie Locks day, take that as a compliment! They are celebrating you!

Why the 24th of November?

Because that's when Brownie Locks got started! This is when the official site was established back in 1999. That's a long time ago for some of you.

What's the purpose?

The purpose of Brownielocks Day is to celebrate being a brunette, to take pride in having brown hair. And, in many cases, BIG brown hair! It's also a day to celebrate brunettes, even if you aren't one!

Brownie Locks Day - How to celebrate

Don't be ashamed of being a brunette

...even if you dyed your hair blonde. And ignore the shaming tactics other non-brunette people may throw at you for celebrating your hair and treat it like a rare gift anyway, because it is a gift as any other!

Wear Brown!

Or you can wear your Brownie Locks Day T-Shirt! We will be creating a Zazzle store where you can buy them!

Tell a brunette that she's beautiful. Appreciate the brunette in your life.

Give a brunette a hug.

Wear your hair big ---

...even if you aren't a Brunette. We've sub-naming this "Big Hair Day" too!

Teddy Bear Exchange -

This is a Brownielocks Day Tradition. It's a day to enjoy your teddy bear or give someone a teddy bear. We can also have a Teddy Bear give away to all those who participate in Big Hair day! Add some fun to it!

Eat Brown Foods: mmm, chocolate and brownies!

DO NOT TELL BLONDE JOKES. Our purpose is not to demean someone in order to feel good about ourselves.

Brownie Locks Fest - Celebration ideas

Brunette Pride Parade!

A brunette white girl pride parade would only mean, “I’m like this. I love myself like this. And I won’t dye my hair or get a tan just to fit the pattern.”

Do your big hairstyle, dress up get your very own float in the traditional parades in your home town. Spread the word about Brownie Locks Day and Fest!

Family friendly games

You can play games like 99 Red Balloons, Bowling for Inmates, Cherry Pit Spit, Pin the Red on the Inmate and Rockin’ Robin! You can even create your own!

Live Music reflecting the various cultures of Europe.

Food trucks serving European style dishes

and all sorts of brown foods (such as brownies, chocolate, caramel, toffee and chocolate ice cream). And don't forget the various coffee drinks which match the different beautiful shades of brown we have in our hair!

Door Prizes & Random Participation Prizes

These will be given out all night with special Big Hair Contests for adults and kids. The brunette with the biggest and most beautiful hair style will have a special prize in the end. There can even be a first, second or third prize!

Social Media Ideas

Celebrating your hair on social media is simple!


You can tweet your big hair with the hashtag #BrownieLocksDay. Also add the hashtag #BrunetteTwitter. Lets get this trending! We'll be retweeting those beautiful pictures of brunette beauties with their big hair!

Facebook & Instagram

Like Twitter, make sure you use the hashtags. Also send us photos of you and your big brown hair and we will post them on our social media sites for everyone to see and admire. But remember, no flat, skinny, chopped or scraggly hair. That's a big no no! It's big hair day, so keep it real ladies! And yes, men can also participate. We accept Brownie Locks dudes, too!

If any of you would like to start a BrownieLocks Fest in your area, make sure you contact your home city or town council to get started and make your plans for November 24th! and get the BrownieLocks T-shirts, get your pride parade float and start spreading the word! It's never too early to start planning!

NOTE: If November 24 falls on Thanksgiving, you can pick any other November day to observe it. No pressure!

We may outnumber our blonde and red counterparts, but neither are we the majority of the world. So why do they get all the attention? Each brown hair shade is different and unique and so is each brunette! So let's shine this November!

"Blondes may have more fun, but brunettes are more fun!" -BrownieLocks

What customs, traditions or ideas do you have in mind to celebrate Brownie Locks day? Share with us in the comments!

If you are a brunette who is proud of your brown hair, don't forget to join our new FB Brunette Beauty group! Share your story, promote yourself and have fun!

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