Brunette Beauty Is Not A “White Preservation” Or “Pro-Aryan” Site

Updated: Feb 22

Upfront, I am going to say that there are those who have tried to mis-represent Brunette Beauty, and I am in no way going to misrepresent the message that is being presented here, as others have. Some have automatically assumed that my Brunette Beauty site is an Aryan-Nazi thirst trap site, because I promote and uplift those of the Western and European bio-spirit. I don’t understand how anyone, after reading my posts; think that my platform is all about promoting Aryan beauty standards when I showcase the opposite of what mainstream pro-Aryan activists are shooting for.

I am going to make myself clear on this. My platform is not a political site. Nor is it a white preservation site. My platform is not about the preservation of light and bright features, white features, Aryan features, or dark features. And if that disappoints you, then I would go ahead and unsubscribe! Because I don’t want you to expect me to align myself with that type of standard only to be met with disappointment.

So why are some people automatically making this assumption? A couple of years ago, I made a post geared towards those in the ‘white preservation movement’ called “The Aryan Standard of Beauty and the Devaluation of Westerners with Dark Features”.

 I spoke against the disparaging of Western women with dark features and people of other races by some of these pro-Aryan people within our Western community (who's goal was to 'preserve the white race'). I geared it towards those who were trying to throw people like us (who possess darker features) under the bus, and even those who went so far as to put us into a different category other than Western or deem us as mediocre or of less or very little importance. 

Don't take me in a wrong way: there is nothing wrong with preserving your culture. There is nothing wrong with preserving light recessive genes. I have recessive genes.

But in the attempt to try to exclude all Westerners with dark hair/eyes and tanned skin from the Western category, or the idea that we must all put our complete focus on racial or ethnic purity, or promote an all light features superiority mindset are all Aryan Neo-Nazi ideas.

And the anti-whites have made an ill attempt to put Brunette Beauty in the same category of those people for some unknown reason.

This may be a result of a misunderstanding. But more than likely it is an ill intent to defame someone's character purposefully by the spreading of lies and false misleading information. Typically this is due to a lack of understanding, a lack of education, or disagreement on a sensitive topic. Some people will make judgements too quickly based on one thing they hear you say.

I also know now why some people may make those ungodly assumptions about you, especially if you talk about certain interests such as preserving Western values and culture. Because there are also those who say they are for Western ideals and Western culture, but are also very colorist, prejudice, and biased towards people with dark hair or eyes, and people of other races, and I see many of our brunette women and men internalize this self-hate indoctrination.

It really is very disheartening to see that some of our people have fallen right into the trap of their enemies. Because this is what our enemies want: to get us focused on sectarianism by ethnicity, race, and color, to get us all to fighting against each other so we can be better controlled and/or destroyed from within and without.

I am perfectly aware of these pro-Aryan people who are promoting the same bad ideas Hitler and the Nazis did, and worse; and I have condemned it many times on this site. Today's purity spiralists will also try to exclude all others from the Western category, not only on the basis of their hair/eye color; but also on certain phenotypes such as hooded eyes, high cheekbones, or certain face shapes, tanned skin, possible mixed ancestry, or those that might have similarities to that of other races, and it is very divisive.

Now, how do you think that makes all of us, who wish to uphold Western ideals; look? Not very good. It makes us all look bad.

It makes it that much harder to discuss this topic, because there are those who wish to hijack it and politicize our Western ideals for their own agenda, just as in nearly everything else you see today. Some of them are still trying to do this through poisoned roots.

This hatred for those with dark features is very demeaning to most of our people, and people of other ethnic and racial backgrounds, and it is immoral. And as you know, this beauty standard, this meme pathogen; had been ingrained within our psyche in Western society for millennia. And many of our brunette women and girls have internalized this inferiority complex to the point of self-hate.

This is why Brunette Beauty was created, to combat these bad ideas and to help our women and girls who were born with these darker features to go free of these meme pathogens.

And it is important, regardless of your race, color, ethnicity, or background to learn to love yourself and your unique characteristics, no matter what type of beauty standard and/or mindset that is being promoted in the cultural sphere.

The purpose of Brunette Beauty Magazine and Blog is to uplift our own image in a way that would help teach our brunette daughters to love their hair and natural beauty.

I came to realize, from my personal experience; that we often can't overcome these struggles alone. We need to know that we are not alone! Much of our self-esteem comes from outside validation in our youth. It starts by surrounding yourself with people who support you. Let’s not sugar coat this. Self-esteem doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

In this we also must be wary that everyone isn’t going to see things in the same way regarding this. Some may have different preferences, different experiences, or views on beauty. Not everyone is going to like you, and you have to realize that it doesn’t matter.

My focus is not about gaining the approval of everyone. My focus is not about white preservation or Aryan purity spiraling. My platform has never been about that. It has always been about the corrective promotion and elevation of brunette women and girls.

So why bring it up then? The assumption that only true Westerners have all light features, or the assumption that only light traits are to be considered indigenous to Europe and the West; is a misnomer and a farce. It is a bad idea and a false representation meant to undermine our brunette daughters and sons. Here we talk about that. Our niche is Western beauty with dark features. 

See my blog “Brown hair isn’t an Indo-European trait? Real Talk” for more details as I have already combat this with some plausible arguments.

What About Brunette Western Women in Mixed Marriages?

Now some of you may or may not like what I have to say about this. Some of you may throw your arms up about some brunette women on my blog posts who might be in a mixed marriage. It doesn’t matter to me whether or not these women are in interracial marriages. Every brunette woman I promote is not always going to be with a white man. Because my page is for Western women with dark features, not for their preference in men. I could care less who they are laying down with.

Brunette Beauty is not a civil rights movement. This isn’t a site about culture, ethnic groups, or historical leaders, or accomplishments associated with the white race. This is a site that celebrates brunette aesthetics and brunettes that exist from all walks of life.

So why would you want to slam me for this? But not those within the ‘pro-Aryan activism groups’ that are throwing us under the bus? Because a sum of them are disparaging women like us for not measuring up to the beauty standards or standards of what they believe a Westerner should be. This is divisive and demeaning. How is it that this is not pointed out and condemned by our own people as anti-whiteism is?

On the other hand, I’m singled out by anti-whites and called a Nazi for posting pictures of Western brunettes. You are speaking evil of me for promoting a site for our women and girls with darker features to encourage self-confidence and esteem, and that is somehow a bad thing? Why aren't you going after the actual people promoting this Aryan Nazi ideal you say you’re against? Why don’t you lecture Varg and the ‘white protection league’ on Gab about their colorist Nazi beliefs?

"Who's Side Are You On?"

None! I know this may seem confusing to some of you because I do Western Positive promotion and speak out against the anti-white rhetoric made against Westerners of all descents. But I am also not going to turn a blind eye to this Aryan beauty standard that promotes colorism within the Western community which works to undermine most of our people, and people of other races.

Is it possible that one can be both Western positive and against this Aryan anti-dark feature stance? Is it possible? Yes! You can be an advocate for the Well-being of your own people and be against colorism!

So why don’t I push white preservation then? Because I realize that we live in a very colorist society and not every brunette woman is going to end up with a white man. This is the reality of what we are dealing with.

Do I want to see more white families created? Absolutely! But because we live in a colorist society, I am not going to pressure every single brunette woman to pair themselves up with a white man.

Part of the reason why my platform exists is because of how some of our Western men have treated our brunette women and girls by publicly disparaging them, calling them mediocre, telling them that they are petty, generic, or not valued more for their darker features.

So why then, would I turn around and shame these women for not dating only white men? While they are also excluded by many of our men because they prefer lighter features? Because, again; we live in a colorist society and I know that every single brunette woman with dark features or a darker complexions are not going to end up with a white man. That's just the reality of it.

So even though I would love to see more white families created, and would love to see beautiful white children be born to couples within our community (because I love seeing that just as well as all of you); I am also not obligated to push white preservation propaganda when the overall collective community isn’t helping our Brunette girls and women overcome this Aryan beauty standard indoctrination that has been set in place to undermine them on the basis of their color. I am in the business of corrective promotion that will help benefit brunette women and girls and those with darker features within our cultural sphere.

I’m not in the business of promoting white love. I’m not in the business of promoting interracial love. I am not in the business of promoting pro-Aryan propaganda. I am not encouraging others to make unwise decisions by having children before they are ready or more children than they are equipped to take care of. I am in the business of empowering and uplifting our brunette women and girls that are already here and the ones who will be born. Because they are still being born!

I mean, get a grip; people. If we lived in a perfect Western world, would we really need sites like “Brunette Beauty” or “Brunette is Better” for corrective promotion? 

So after seeing how some of our own men treat darker women, how would it makes sense for me to say:

“Ok brunette western women, you all have to go with white men only!! You MUST have white children, you MUST measure yourself by their beauty standards and be confined to what these men say you have to be confined to! You MUST reproduce yourself!!” What??

I don’t do that because I value my brunette sisters and I know that may not be an option for all of them!! And if you want to call me a hypocrite or someone who is not holding myself to a standard (or a certain standard), so be it! Because until the majority of our Western men start standing against these meme pathogens that work to undermine our young brunette daughters from an early age, I'm not going to worry about whether or not our women date inter-racially.

If you go so far as to say that it’s ok to have a preference for lighter features, and then you turn around and shame these women for having a different preference, too; then you don’t really have any room to talk when it comes to hypocrisy.

And if you have a problem with that, get a grip or move on down the road.

On the other hand, this is not to say that every single Western man is colorist. Because that is not true. There are many of our own men who do support us. And they are in the thousands on Brunette Beauty via FB and FB group. And our supporters are not limited to only Western men, but also non-Western men! And if what they are doing benefits our cause, then I support them!

But if you don’t promote ‘white preservation’ isn’t that like investing money in a company that is about to shut down?

It’s not going to shut down because they aren’t going to stop being born! Let’s be realistic about this. I may have spoken on subjects such as white erasure in the past, but in reality Western people aren’t going anywhere anytime soon! There are many white families being created and white children being born everyday. There are more white babies being born than children that are born in mixed marriages in the West and that is a fact!

It is possible to promote European and Western beauty without being hell-bent on preserving light skin or light features. The two are not mutually exclusive. In a perfect Western world, would I be for that? Sure. I’d be loving it up. But in the perfect Western world, corrective promotion for brunette women wouldn’t need to exist, either; because colorism wouldn’t be an issue for us.

I say, to my brunette women, pick your battles. There are going to be problems that come with having white children in a very anti-white world as well as problems that will come with having bi-racial or darker children in a society where the beauty industry promotes an all light features beauty standard. I say pick your battles. Because with each situation comes with a different set of struggles. But nevertheless, choose them wisely!

Let us know in the comments what your thoughts are! And if you like what I do here, give a like and subscribe at the bottom of the page. Don't miss a thing!

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