Brunettes Seize A Moment To Celebrate Their Hair On Twitter

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Watch out, blondes!

Brunette Beauty

Whoever said: "Blondes have more fun" were obviously hanging around the wrong brunettes! These brunette beauties are proudly taking a stand to celebrate their hair on twitter with the hashtag #brunettetwitter, and posting a photo of themselves and their dark shiny locks for proof that brunette hair is anything but boring! #BrunetteTwitter IS TRENDING. it's our turn to shine


See below for some stylish and unique brunette hair shades and types!

Grace shows off her dark brown hair and uniques style!

brunette girls are automatically glowing goddesses #brunettetwitter 😙☀️

— lily ♥️ (@luvergirI)

#brunettetwitter Aaah I’m so nervous posting these pics of me pls no mean comments 🙈

— ☁ (@djhisdead)

blondes are shaking! #brunettetwitter

— ASHLEY (@arrivjng)

your local brunette joining in #brunettetwitter

— gabby (@odetoangelus)

your favorite brunette 🍒#brunettetwitter

— chesca (@frailroses)

#brunettetwitter better late than never right?

mali‏ (@castawayholland)

#brunettetwitter hi guys

queen lyss‏ @lyssa_nickole

If you’re in the mood to switch up your style, try some of the 25 Cute Long Hairstyles that can make a Brunette stand out! Post, and most of all, have fun!

If you are proud of your brown hair, you can celebrate it all year around. We have a page dedicated to brunette beauties just like you. We encourage others to rock their natural locks with confidence. Be sure to join our new Brunette Beauty FB group to connect with others just like you! Share your story and even promote yourself! Have fun!

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