Do I Really Have to Be Different To Be Better?

Updated: Aug 4, 2018

Do I really have to be different to be better?

I asked my significant other about what made me stand out above all women to him. He told me: “Your beauty, your face, eyes, smile, your love for God, and the fact that you are as weird as me.” Here is the truth, there is somebody out there for everyone. And there is more to a woman than her hair, or even what meets the eye. So realize this, a lot of things may play a part in why many women may get a “double take” by the opposite sex, and their hair may only take up small percentage of that.

So who is to say what is better anyway? I doubt debating about this will change anyone else’s mind.  This would be a subjective opinion anyhow. And is the grass truly greener on the other side? Would being a curly blonde with thick hair really make me more attractive? Or just rocking as a brunette instead? Just because some men may prefer blondes doesn’t mean that being blonde is necessarily the universal definition of beauty to everyone else. Because some guys actually do prefer brunettes, just as some like blondes. And many more seem to like red heads, which I do have some reddish vibes in my hair. Everyone's different. And am I really supposed to believe that beauty only falls on those who have lighter thicker hair type? And just because I was unlucky the first few attempts to actually find a soul mate by trying to get dates with those who prefer blondes, does this really mean that I was undesirable? How far from the truth was that, because now I am blessed to have found a man who prefers brunettes. You win some, you lose some. That’s just the way it is.

Struggle #6 “Do I really have to be different to be better?”

The truth is, all hair colors and types can be gorgeous if it is properly cared for and it goes well on the woman, no matter how common or rare it is. Of course skin tone, eye color, etc. all play a part in how the hair color and type appears as well. I have always had my special chocolate and red-brown hair, which makes it very hard for me to find hair extensions that actually match it (one down side of being…. well… hey, what do you know, DIFFERENT!)

So, is it still possible to stand out above the rest? I’d say definitely. Here is why. Brown hair can range from dark brown, copper brown, chestnut, to mahogany, chocolate brown, to red-brown, and onward as I have discovered in trying to find the right hair extension. And it all can look great on women. Check out all of these different brown hair shades.

(Here are a variety of different brown hair shades)

And there are plenty of other ways you can stand out besides hair color or texture. Don’t get me wrong, you can’t change your genetics, but you can rock your natural locks and still be unique, because everyone has a different way they carry themselves and a different personality. The important thing is to be yourself!

Here are some different ways brunette women can stand out.

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6 ways women can stand out in the business world

Health and fitness

Obviously there is so much more you can do to make yourself more attractive and have confidence. But here are a few starters. 

You can be attractive no matter what hair you were born with; if you carry yourself well, and take care of your hair, body, have confidence, and let your personality soar. I know this by experience. The difference is who will love you, because everyone will have an opinion on what beauty is or isn’t.

Again, all hair colors and types are beautiful and unique, I’m sure every one of us may have a little bit of a personal preference but that is just opinion, not science.  But blondes and red-heads are less common. That’s the only thing. And if you're still having a really hard time of it, I've found it helpful to compile pictures of brunettes that I find admirable or lovely, that also don't seem like the typical nerdy and smart type. Hopefully you can find a look that you feel confident with, where you don't have to work so hard to change yourself.

And lastly,

Be who you are. Be authentic and you will attract the right person.  As for me, I used to hate being a brunette. Now I'm thinking twice about the disappointment! I have learned how to play the cards that I was dealt well, and I have won an amazing companion who loves me for life!

Hair dye? Wigs? Please... I’ve grown past that already. I will never ruin my dark locks with a bottle of bleach. It may be average but it's mine and I'm proud of it! Nuff said!

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