Addressing the “aryan standard of beauty” & the devaluation of Westerners with dark features.

Updated: Feb 21

And the effect it may have on them.

I want to first start this out by saying that this certainly does not apply to all of those who are 'white advocates' or those of the 'white preservation movement', nor the majority of them. But it does most certainly apply to those among us who publicly put us down for wanting a platform like this for women who look like us. There are also those men/women who support this Aryan/Nazi mindset (which puts people with lighter features above those with dark ones) and some have had their say under some of my posts. So let's address the issue.

“Publicly, we’ll put down brunette women, mock them for seeking validation, tell them that they are “nothing special” or tell them that their “default” traits aren’t unique, tell them that lighter features are better, gaslight them if they dare speak of their disposition about what we’re saying, tell them that it is mediocre to celebrate their differences, and so on. But we’ll turn around and call them ‘race traitors’ and get ‘so angry’ when they date outside of our race.”

White women don’t even have to exclude white men from their dating pool, but rather expand on it; and these men will get angry, while they have failed to realize that their attitude and disposition towards women who look like us may cause some of them to look elsewhere for someone who will actually value them. It could also cause many of them to think that their differences don't matter, so why care? This would pose a real problem for both them and the women doing this, as it would go against their cause, wouldn’t it? Let's expand on why some of these things

may happen. When we hear these people express their distaste towards us and tell us that women with lighter features are better or valued more, and we respond to that attack? What do they do? Tell us to take rejection with a smile? And though I do not condone this, there are some women who do while they expand their options for this very reason. And these men will attack their character for it.

I've seen them say thing such as: You’re fat, ugly, or ‘you’re not holding yourself to a standard.’ That’s the real reason

nobody wants you. It’s like they want them to believe that it is all their fault that they are not ‘valued more’. But the same prejudices these people express against non-white women, they often express against white women with darker features. And they put the entire brunt of ‘bias’ on their shoulders. This encourages self-hate.

And all the while some of these thoughts are going through my mind:

"Now they wonder why I stopped trying to pander to them and their criticism. They wonder why I stopped bleaching/lightening my hair to try and

fit into this mold on what society ‘values

more’, took a good look in the mirror and ask myself, why am I doing this? Why don’t they like me? I’m going to stop doing that. I’m going to stop trying to ‘prove my worth’ to these people. I am going to stop trying to be a warrior for the 'white race'. Because as a white woman with a darker feature, I am not valued for who I am by these people; but only for my light features. What have I gotten in return for celebrating and keeping my differences but ridicule from these critics? I am going to stop trying to be ‘pretty enough’ for them. I’m going to stop trying to be ‘good enough’ for them. Instead of being ‘community focused’ I may just do me, instead. I am going to stop being sucked into this mindset, that in order for a girl to be pretty or valued by society, that she has to have all light features. I am done being stuck on white men who don’t value me!"

If I were a single lady, at this point and time hearing about all of this; this is exactly how I would feel about it. And do you know what else I would think? I would see if I had any luck elsewhere. White men do it all the time, apparently. Especially with Asian women and biracial women. So, let’s see if I can do it, too. Do you see where I’m going with this?

We know that other groups of men can be prejudice, too. But, in reality; would my chances of finding someone who would actually value me be better off elsewhere? Surely it wouldn’t hurt to expand my options, right? The funny thing is, the moment you give into these feelings, and the moment you expand your options is the moment these same people come back at you with more ridicule. You will then be told that: “Your children will look like goblins”, “She was one of those outcasts that the white community never wanted”, “You were too fat or out of shape and nobody

wanted you anyway”, "You are devoid of any useful traits", or that “You are a race traitor”, and a whole lot of name calling and so on. And yet they want to turn it over and make you look like the fool? They are now shaming you for looking elsewhere to find someone who will actually want what you have to offer? This sounds like: “I don’t want you, and your differences are mediocre, but you can’t leave me”. How much sense does that make?

I have seen this play out already. When I

labeled myself as a “Western-Positive” it was all about building a community of Westerners that would have the same interests: culture, heritage, preserving our heritage, white well-being, the betterment of the Western Civilization, and building a something that we could call our own, saying: “Hey, we built this. This is something we could be proud of.” I still have that ambition burning inside of me to build something! I still have some of those blogs up where I have stated positive things about Western kind and how we can help each other succeed. So which of these are reason enough for my own people to ridicule me? I’ve been laughed at, criticized for it,

I have lost friends over it, called a ‘white supremacist Nazi’ who wants to kill 6 million Jews, or a racist; by my OWN people. And this is by so-called friends and/or people who may have misunderstood the message. And these so called ‘pro-Western’ people aren’t any better than they are when they tell Western women with darker features that their differences aren’t worth celebrating (as if being European is solely centered around having all light features). So why preserve it then?

I aimed towards unity among our people and a love for our differences, solidarity, bringing our culture back, and protecting our future. Yet I keep running into these people that say that they ‘love their people’ but will be so quick to stab you in the back or label you as an infiltrator if you dare disagree with any of their political/religious points, or block you on social media. Some of them will go so far as to publicly berate you for simply pointing out some of the issues that you have with what they are doing. So eventually, I got the impression that we don’t really have what it takes to help each other succeed in our goals, not with these poisoned roots. And if we did, we would stop putting each other down and start uplifting each other.

I have found that I can’t do ‘white well-being’ with these people who continue to buy into this ideology. They don’t want to understand what we go through in a very competitive Western society. These individuals who say these things don’t want this “white self-hate” to come to an absolute end, that which has kept us demoralized as a people for so long. It seems that these very people wish to uphold ‘white self-hatred’ among their own by encouraging our brunette daughters to feel insecure about themselves, and people of other ethnicities. I’m done trying to appease these people. They don’t like my differences, that’s not my problem. It's theirs, because clearly, they don’t care that we make up the majority of white women out there, that which they say they care so much about. And now that I have stepped out of their demand of conformity, now I’m the one who doesn’t hold myself to a standard?

Yes, I support white well-being, but when these high-minded individuals didn’t take my plight seriously after I started uplifting dark-porcelains I could no longer take them seriously, either. It was then that I came to this conclusion. It’s not really about preserving European identity. It’s about preserving light features and recessive genes, even celebrating them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against doing so. But to go so far as to bully those with darker features for doing the same thing? They want us to believe they are for us 100%, then diss us at a time when we seize a moment to celebrate our differences? But then they wonder why they aren’t taken seriously. They wonder why they see women who look like us start to look elsewhere to find love and appreciation.

This is not the way you convince people that their differences are worth preserving. It encourages them to do the very opposite. It encourages others to think they are not worth it. These antique nationalists, who attacked me; have shown me that they really don't care about all Western peoples, but only value others if they have light features. And when you pick up on that fact, you begin to walk away from them, as most people would.

And if you are one of those people who have this disposition, this is the cause for someone to walk away from you, when you tell them that their differences were not what society ‘valued more’, when you tell others that they should ‘hold themselves to a standard’ because darker features on women are not ‘unique’. When you tell them to stop taking it personally. Stop crying about it. Stop talking about it. When you go so far as to tell these women that all light features just ‘look better’, and you just have a preference. Give me a break! And now you are trying to turn around and shame these same women for having a different preference, too???

What you care about is that they are making children with non-white non-European men, right? That’s what you don't want, because it poses a threat to your goal and mindset. But have you ever thought that maybe this mindset you are trying to promote may not go over so well with most white folks? Trying to accomplish your goal through poisoned roots that are constantly giving a bad name to our community? And shaming most of our women at the same time? How is that helping? People who say these things never express their concern for our differences being represented in a positive light.

So if you don’t plan on uplifting women who look like them, how do you expect them to turn to you? Why allow yourself to be fooled by these individuals who say these things?

It’s like this mind game that these people want to play on us because they think we’re too stupid to figure it out. But I notice it, and I’m calling it out for what it is. If you want to get mad, get mad. This Aryan standard of beauty (for all light features), which has so been ingrained in many of our women and men; stems from poisoned roots. We've got to scrap it and start over new if we want to help our own understand that their differences are worth preserving, that which would contribute to the continuation of our people. This isn't about a beauty contest. This isn't about having a certain preference. It's about advocating for all the beautiful hues of Western kind, that includes those with darker features. It's about, not only celebrating one type, but all of the diversity we have, and teaching our future generations to value what they have been given. If we don't teach them to value themselves, how will they see the importance of keeping their heritage alive? Something to ponder.

All the while, you’ll see advocates on social media trying to convince all Western women to marry Western men. Ok, that’s great. I married one. But I've also seen it taken in a wrong way by others because there are a few among us who have tried to do it through poisoned roots.

So when you see these women turning to others to find what they are looking for after putting these thoughts in their mind, how do you expect them not to?

Though I do encourage my people to keep their heritage alive, in any case, I will not be condemning women who date interracially. I will not be following pages that bash people of other races or ethnicities. This stems from poisoned roots, as I said; this is the reason why these people aren't taken seriously. I don’t care who thinks I am holding a hypocritical position, because I see hypocrisy in this behavior. I will not associate myself with a mindset that not only devalues Westerners with darker features, but all other people of other ethnicities and races. And if they somehow believe that we should play by their rules book? That only women & men with lighter features should be celebrated? And we should believe that we are their 'inferiors' as they believe?? Are they kidding themselves???

What is the solution I propose? To see our own men step up and venture to reprove these poisoned roots, and the mindset that puts down women who look like us for our dark features. If only they put forth the same effort to shut this down as they do against the propaganda that is being used to promote ‘white erasure’. That would be the day. And it would be a positive change. But until that happens, I won’t worry about being called a ‘hypocrite’.

Now, addressing that "Brunettes are the most common in the world" argument. We may make up the majority of the white population, but we are still a minority in the world, by far. And when you travel outside the West, you'll see it’s pretty obvious! Dark-porcelain is exclusive to Europeans and part Europeans, too. So why shouldn't we be grateful for what makes us unique? We absolutely should stand proud of what had been gifted to us as well as others have. Why? Because it is no less beautiful!

There are two things I would like to address, here as to why sometimes we get backlash from other for realizing this.

As for some of the women, they are jealous creatures. They don't want anyone stealing their spotlight (and we can tell you care and you’re bothered by us putting our beauty on top, we get it). This is human nature. You want to remain #1 in society, that no one should have the right to take your spot, right? But how is it that we are trying to steal your spotlight when we don’t even have our own publicity? And how can we give into such a mindset that tells us that we're 'nothing special' while we've got celebrity status in other parts of the globe? How can someone be so possessive of this idea that only certain types of people deserve be elevated, but not others? Even ourselves?

As for some of the men, they may also be angry at the possibilities for expanding our options. Let’s be honest, these men who have bought into this Aryan Pagan worldview don't want to lose their support. And wouldn’t you think that’s a normal thing to want? Especially after being demonized for so long? I’d say so. But from these individuals who are critical of us, mainly those of the Aryan mindset, are we receiving this type of support from them? Especially when we, as a whole; want the same things, a future for our own? But people don't seem to take us seriously right now because of this minority who are trying to accomplish these goals through poisoned roots. That’s the issue we have to deal with.

I just encourage white women who were born with these dark features to give our love and support to our own people who support us. We don’t have to swirl to find someone who will truly value us, but know that you don’t have to be confined to what the white community says you have to be confined to, either. Just realize that going to another race to be "accepted" or "appreciated" doesn't fix the problem, either. There are biased men that exist in every group.

Lastly, there is also the other side of the issue that suggests that the women that do decide to date outside of their ethnicity, for this reason; are either naive and following mainstream propaganda, or are the ones devaluing themselves. And would you know, though it may not always be true, yes; this does happen, too. And no, I'm not ok with that either. And should the blame be put entirely on these men devaluing us? But not us devaluing ourselves, as well? Should we stop allowing their negative remarks to define how we feel about ourselves? I say yes and absolutely. Stop falling for the shaming tactics, ladies! This may not always be the case, but I am marking some reasons as to why these things may happen. And often

times these women do make themselves look insecure by measuring themselves against a beauty standard that is not their own, or thinking they should look elsewhere to find someone who will love them. But I will make myself clear on this. I am not condoning any of this, but I will not be sugar coating this either. It takes two sides to make a conflict. We shouldn't devalue our women. We shouldn't devalue ourselves for any reason, period!

If you want to be told by someone that you should not be allowed to stand proud of what you have been given, while they do, then you have no game. You have no skin in the game if you are allowing people like these and their negative comments to determine your worth, your values, and your support system. We can’t live our lives this way.

Who are they to say what we can or cannot celebrate? So it’s time we stand up for ourselves. It’s time we stop giving into the shaming tactics.

And to those who wish to continue to push this Aryan beauty standard on all white women, I will continue to challenge your so called “value system”. We would accomplish so much more if we would stop trying to pursue our goals through poisoned roots.

I’m just getting tired of the hypocrisy and the shaming tactics that this puts on our women. We don't need this. This whole mindset falls apart when you realize your own self-worth and how it is determined!

Read Proverbs 31 for more details!

Create your own beauty standard and KEEP IT pale-skinned and with hair as dark as night!

Be sure to set your calendar to November 24th, Brownie Locks Day. Do your hair big! Here are some other ways we can celebrate!

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