How to Achieve Sun Kissed Hair Without the Sun

Updated: Sep 1, 2018

Sun kissed brown hair without the sun

Proud to be a brilliant brunette. Are you one, too? Since I stopped bleaching my hair after being red for a while, I couldn’t help but to go back to my brunette roots. After all, it’s the healthiest and the cheapest. I have been looking for products that would complement my dark brown locks and make them stand out. Now that dark hair is trending again, I’m thinking a lot about what I will do for this summer. That shine during the summer is absolutely gorgeous on dark hair, and I’ve got to love it! But what products could I use that would go best with my dark brown hair shade? I discovered the Brilliant Brunette® Visibly Brighter™ Collection. This brings out the natural highlights in your hair making these visibly lighter strands pop out against your darker strands. It adds richness to the brunette color base. You can find this brand at places like Walmart and Walgreens. It’s great for those who visibly want to brighten their hair and not have to worry about damage that comes from bleach and dye. It doesn’t add a huge drastic change to your hair, but only brings out the natural highlights to your hair.

Brilliant Brunette Visibly Deeper Shampoo

John Frieda Visibly Brighter Shampoo

I’ve already used this to help lighting my ends before. I highly recommend it for any brunette beauty who would like to add some spice to their hair without the drastic change or the damage that sun-in or dye would do. The Brilliant Brunette® Visibly Brighter™ Shampoo and Conditioner helped bring out the richness of my natural hair color, as well as bringing out the softness and shine! But can we use this on color treated and bleached hair as well as natural hair? Yes. The Visibly Brighter™ Collection is safe to use on any hair type! It gives you that nice sun kissed look that glows during the summer. No brassy look. It goes good on any brunette hair shade.

John Freida Visibly brighter treatment

The Visibly Brighter™ Collection has three different products you can try for yourself. The first one I will mention is the Brilliant Brunette® Visibly Brighter™ In-Shower Lightening Treatment. In the shower you apply it your hair and use it like any other shampoo and conditioner! It can help bring out your highlights up to one shade in just five minutes! The other two are like regular shampoo and conditioning products. The Visibly Brighter™ Shampoo and Visibly Brighter™ Conditioner can be used to brighten your natural hair color within multiple washes. All three can be used in the shower and are very useful if you want to brighten up your natural hair shade naturally!

It is always fun to be bolden your natural color! This is a great alternative to bleaching and dying. These products can be used to help brighten up your look without damaging your hair. You can find this at Walmart. The Brilliant Brunette® Visibly Brighter™ Collection from John Frieda® Hair Care is a great way to enhance your natural beauty!

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