Ten Fun Facts About Brunettes

Updated: Aug 4, 2018

Ten fun facts about brunettes

If you would like to know more about your brown hair shade, you have come to the right place. The different shades of brown hair vary from dark to light.

The word ‘Brunette’ derives from the French word ‘brunet’ meaning: dark haired or brown haired. So here are some interesting facts that may wow you about brown hair:

Fact # 1: The Common Hair

Brown hair is the most common hair color in Western societies, such as Central and Northern Europe, the US, even the Middle East. It may be very common place for this hair shade to exist in these parts of the world, but not so much in non-Western countries, as black hair consists of 83% of the world’s population at large. It is, however; very common to spot the people who live in western countries in the world to have brunette hair.

Fact # 2: Brown hair eumelanin differs from other hair shades

Shiny brown hair

Though brown hair may be lumped in with the black hair, it is very different from black hair and other hair shades that may differ. Blonde hair is a result from a lack of pigment eumelanin. More eumelanin appears in Brown hair than blonde, wherein it is less than black hair. The darker the shade, the more you have.

Fact # 3: Two types of Eumelanin

There are two types of Eumelanin: Brown and black. They are both significantly different based on a pattern of polymer bonds, brown being the lighter expression of Eumelanin. This manifests in all different shades.

Fact # 4: the brown eumelanin

The non-Semitic Middle eastern people and Europeans people mostly have the brown eumelanin. Most non-European people have the black eumelanin.

Shiny brown hair and blue eyes

Fact # 5: The Greying of Hair

Hair may appear grey, within age; if the white hair strands have a small amount of black eumelanin.

Fact # 6: The Blonde to Brown Change

Yellowish or blonde hair color occurs when there is only a small amount of brown eumelanin present in the hair. Many people born with blonde hair may experience some darkening of their hair as they are older due to the increased amount of eumelanin production in their hair. Some may turn completely brown as they grow into adulthood.

Fact # 7: The Hair Strands

Brown hair strands usually have medium thickness.

Facts # 8: Skin Tone and Eye Colors

If you ever noticed when looking observing brunette hair color, the skin color and complexion may range from very pale to olive skin tones. The eye colors may range from brown, green, hazel, blue, and amber (a rare occurrence that is more common with brown hair).

Fact # 9: The Different Shades of Brown Hair

Brunette hair

There are numerous shades of brown hair such as: Mousy Brown, Walnut, Chocolate, maple chestnut, auburn, red/brown, medium brown, dark brown, etc. Check out the different shades of brown hair here. Medium brown is considered standard. They are walnut brown, maple brown, light chestnut brown, auburn brown, reddish brown, and medium brown. The latter one is considered as the standard brunette.

Fact # 10: Auburn hair

Also called red-brown. This is one shade of brown with a red tint to it that always come with a medium dark tone.

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