Ten Reasons Why It’s Good To Be a Dark-Porcelain!

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

The beauty perception has been a hotly debated topic over the course of history, but in modern day America, blonde hair and a tanned skin seemed to be the most elevated in our modern world, and red hair right next in line. However, many people still consider dark hair and pale skin to be extremely attractive. Light skin is becoming more popular among celebrities again. It is often seen as a sign of classiness and a willingness to embrace your own natural look instead of using fake tanning products or going to a tanning salon.

Before I go any further with this, I would also like to put at the forefront that this is not to demonstrate how one type of beauty is better than another. There is beauty in all hair shades and skin tones. And they all have their own characteristics which make them unique.

So why single out brunettes with light skin? Often we do get flack from both our own people as well as people from other cultures because we possess both light and dark features. Celebrating our dark hair (and sometimes dark eyes) may also mean standing up to the common criticisms made against us from our own people, as lighter hair colors are often more elevated and celebrated by some. On the other hand, celebrating our light porcelain skin tones may also mean standing up to people accusing us of 'racism' as the term 'white skin' is considered a racist term by some, mainly by non-whites.

Lets point out that everyone has the right to celebrate their differences. And if celebrating the beauty of fair skin makes me a racist, then so are mixed chicks, Asians, Africans and Latinas for celebrating theirs. So why attack brunettes with light skin for celebrating their differences while these other beauty outlets get publicity and a complimentary truck? It's time we stop allowing others to bully us into being inclusive and playing fair when nobody else is!


Brown hair and Amber Eyes

As I looked across the internet for some brunette memes, I ran across this article stating "10 reasons why it is good to be a redhead", which highly elevates red hair and fair skin (and also disses brunettes and blondes which I will be responding to in another blog). No doubt redheads have their own unique beauty. But you know something? So do other hair and skin combinations. And so do we. There is no 'one' type of beauty. There are many. So lets talk about what sets us apart from other people in the "10 reasons why it is good to be a dark porcelain".

In case you are wondering what is exactly so great about having shiny brown locks paired with light skin tones, read on!

1. Alabaster skin paired with brown locks is exotic and exclusive to Europeans and part Europeans.

It’s not just about our hair color. It is so much more than that! Most people from around the world have one eye color, one hair color and brown skin. Europeans are a big exception! In the West, our extremely pale skin and various eye colors and hair shades set us apart from other ethnic groups. There are brunettes (non-ravens) from all over the world such as Asia and the Middle East. Even some Islanders located in the Pacific may also have the hair color such as the Australian Aboriginals, and Melanesians. But they have a completely different genetic break down as their phenotypes, darker skin tones and courser hair may differ, as it also helps them withstand the sun’s rays in hotter environments.

2. Dark hair provides UV protection and health benefits for light skin. We also produce our own vitamin D.

Scientifically, when MC1R is in the active condition, it produces eumelanin, which causes dark hair. Brunettes are less likely than other people to suffer skin problems because of the increased amounts of the pigment melanin in their hair.

For those who are from the West such as Northern & Western Europe and the US, under very cold conditions, rainy and cloudy skies, our hair is much more silkier and our pale skin tones give us a superhuman ability to make our own Vitamin D from what little sunlight we have. Vitamin D also boosts our immunity to certain diseases such as smallpox or any plagues that may arise.

3. The genetics behind brown hair differ from black hair and other hair colors and varies the most in shades.

Some people would argue that there is no such thing as black hair. But brown hair, in fact; is very distinct from black hair on a wide scale because genetics to make brown hair are vastly different than black and other hair colors.

There are two types of Eumelanin, brown and black. Brown hair is what Europeans and Middle Easterners have in common, and black hair is what non-European people have in common.

Black is the commonly seen hair color in Asia and Africa due to the fact that the people in these regions tend to have lower levels of tyrosinase in their bodies. Black eumelanin secretion causes the hair to turn black, which indicates that the MC1R is in the active state.

Brown hair, on the other hand, has color variety all of its own. Though there are more people with brown hair than there are lighter hair colors, there is no need to feel like you blend in too much. As a matter of fact, you have an ever more reason to feel unique. Brown hair shades have an extremely large shade range. More shades of brown hair exist than shades of any other hair color. From honey to cocoa to chestnut to mahogany, the hair color of brunettes are unlimited and truly gorgeous!

These many shades of brown are due to the presence of an allele, a specific variation in the gene that is found at the specific spot on the chromosome. For example, people with brown-ebony shaded hair have some alleles that catalyze the enzymes to produce a large amount of brown pigment. Some alleles in people with brown-Swedish blond suppress the enzyme production, which in turn causes less production of brown pigment. Based on this allele-enzyme activity, the shade of brown hair color differs.

If you have learned to love your brown locks, you won’t help to notice how unique your hair shade is, so wear it with pride!

4. Everyone loves a fair skinned brunette!

Just ask the guys! When shown pictures of the same woman with blonde, brown, and red hair, men rated the brunette as the most physically attractive. The majority of men in Spain, France, Italy, the United States, and Brazil state they prefer dark-haired women.

Fun fact: The actress Audrey Hepburn received praise from critics during the 1940s and 1950s for bringing a different kind of sex appeal to films. In a time period where most actresses were blonde, she refused to dye her dark brown hair.

In earlier history, Brown hair replaced blonde hair as the most desirable hair color for women during the 1600s in Europe.

So why is dark hair and light skin considered to be so attractive? Our hair has thicker strands. Hair with darker hues actually reflect light rather than absorb it, giving it a glossy look which is unmatched by other hair colors. If you are a fair skinned brunette, it’s likely that those who are attracted to you will notice you for your hair and skin contrast, and how eye popping it is!

4. The females of the species are dark and wintery, like autumn.

I love autumn with it’s different colored leaves and shades. It totally compliments our hair! The great thing about being a brunette is that any season goes good with brown hair colors! Especially summer time because the sun just soaks up our dark strands and reflects that glistening mega shine! And that’s pretty hard to match!

Not only that, but our hair also shares similar tones with chocolate, and there is a good reason for that. Brunettes are sweet and delicious! Our dark hair represents the beauty of the night. If blondes are day, brunettes are night . Seasonally, blondes are spring and summery, and brunettes are autumn and wintry.

As Lord Byron quoted:

“She walks in the beauty of the night, like the night of cloudless climes and starry skies.”

5. Various brown hair shades with alabaster skin is set apart from the rest!

Not only is brown hair considered luxurious and dainty, but light skin paired with dark features are also considered a rare combination from around the globe!

They say that red and blonde hair dye sell like hot-cakes. No joke! It is estimated that around 90 percent of the world population dye their hair, which makes being a brunette less common than ever before.

Fun fact: the hair salons I visited did not have a hair dye that matched my natural dark brown hair shade, either.

They stated: “That hair shade would be very hard to match. Let’s see if we can find one closest to that shade.”

They began to talk about mixing hair dyes together to try and match my natural dark-chocolate brown hair shade.

“I’m afraid that color isn’t available in a hair dye. But we can mix colors to see if we can get one close to it.”

Wow, Chocolate this rich really doesn’t come in a bottle, after all. That’s what you get for being well… what do you know…. different!

Chocolate this rich doesn’t come in a bottle, nor do I want it to. It may be deemed as ‘average’ by some, but it’s beautiful, unique and its mine.

Pale skinned brunettes have a special look about them that sets them apart from nonwhites and those with light hair colors with pale skin because they possess both light and dark features that look elegant and different from each other! We have the best of both worlds!

Dark brown hair and snow white skin provides an eye-catching contrast that is not provided by blonde/red hair nor non-white features.

This makes us stand out! We are definitely different. We should take pride in that!

6. Ah, the wonderful stereotypes!

Ok, lets deal with how we are perceived. The way that we are stereotyped is quite interesting. We are often stereotyped as dark and mysterious. We may play those negative stereotypes of the wicked mistress or antagonists in a lot of fairy tale stories due to our dark and mysterious perception, but brunette women are also rated as more intelligent than women with other hair colors after first meeting them. Men tend to rate brunette women as less approachable than other women. This could be because of the intimidation factor, or the fact that we are more wintry and mysterious.

In the midst of the intimidation factor, in a survey of 3,000 men, the majority of them stated they’d rather be in a serious relationship with a brunette than with a blonde because they perceive them to be more reliable. Imagine that!

According to some Cultural connotations in Western popular culture, a common stereotype is that brunettes are stable, serious, smart and sophisticated, sort of like that hot librarian stereotype. A British study into hair color and the intensity of attraction found that 62 percent of the men participating in the study associated brown-haired women with stability and competence.

7. We are a global minority, not the other way around.

Some would argue that brown hair is the most common hair in the world, but that is only if you consider black to be a brown hair shade. You’ll hear statements from Westerners such as:

“Black hair is just a very dark brown hair shade” “Brown is the most common hair color in the world” “The occurrence of black hair is very rare.”

Nothing can be further from the truth.

We are not as common as other Westerners often say. Light skin paired with brown hair shades and various eye colors are a world minority people, not the other way around.

Yet many brunette women have fallen for this and have resorted to bleaching and destroying their luscious locks for a lighter hair shade in order to look more ‘unique’ according to the Aryan standard of beauty. I can’t help but to tell these people to get a passport and visit other parts of the world. Because it’s obvious that they haven’t seen the world outside of their corner of the globe.

It is estimated that around 83% of the world population have black strands while there are only 11% of those who have hair with brown Eumelanin. Europeans (those with pale skin and colored eyes) make up around 9.5% of the total population around the world! And Europeans and part-Europeans with brown hair make up around 6% of that! Fair skin coupled with brown locks (even black locks) are very small compared to the global population.

Possessing both dominant and recessive genes make you look exceptional in both Europe and other parts of the world! We’re a world minority and truly unique! So own it!

8. Lets hear it for the other unique qualities that set us apart!

This sharp contrast of neutral colors also provides a magnificent canvas for other colors that one might choose to wear.

There is a historical reason for society to find pale skin attractive. Before the industrial revolution, pale skin was a sign of high social class. The reason for this was that the lower class people generally had to work outside, which caused them to get a tan. Therefore, pale skin was seen as a sign of beauty due to its social implications.

9. We're admired!

Light skinned brunettes have been showcased on many popular shows such as ‘The Nanny’ and ‘Tin Man’. We have various brunette princesses and queens in our history, including Queen Elizabeth, Princess Kate and Princess Charlotte.

Gentlemen actually marry brunettes.… even princes and kings do.

For much of the history of the English language, dark hair and pale skin have been viewed as the epitome of beauty. Women are often praised for their snow white skin and raven dark hair in the works of Shakespeare, Donne, and Eliot. It seems relatively recently that English-speaking cultures have diverged from this view of beauty.

10. Our publicity is becoming more prominent!

Make no bones about it, we brunettes have long awaited for our own celebration day, and now we finally have it! We are coming out of hiding and finally realizing just how valuable our given traits really are. After all, we are every bit worth celebrating as those who are in the spotlight; and I often times wondered why it took us so long to realize that!

Brownie Locks Day, observed since November 24th, 1999; just celebrated its 19th anniversary this year!

We not only have our own celebration day, but we are putting together platforms celebrating women who look like us, everywhere! Anywhere from Instagram, websites, communities to blogs dedicated exclusively to women and girls who look like us! That’s great news! We even have our own health and beauty line dedicated to brunettes only! Why not take the next step and create magazines and books?

Why single out brunettes? For a while, there weren’t any platforms, magazines or books centered around only women who looked like us, yet we were expected to step aside and allow others to be elevated above us. And we have taken it. We have elevated everyone above ourselves. But it’s time that we put ourselves first! Everyone else does! So lets stop playing fair when nobody else is!

As many brunette women and girls with fair skin are beginning to realize their importance in society and rediscovering the importance they had in the past, we are seeing more platforms celebrating our beauty. If you are thinking about starting a platform celebrating your beauty type, do it. But be wary that it often means standing up to criticism. In an attempt to show pride in our heritage and given traits, there will be critics who will show their indifference towards us. Do it anyway! Nothing infuriates those who have been in the spotlight for so long more than a woman with dark features and light skin being confident with her natural look and celebrating her differences.

We are countering the criticisms that have been expressed against us because of our darker features and light skin (especially towards women) in our new celebration days and platforms and magazines worldwide! It’s about time! Create your own beauty standard and KEEP IT pale skinned and with hair as dark as night!

Pale skin and dark hair have always been and always will be seen as sexy in American and European society. The look is here to stay.

It's all about the brunette! 🙌 #classy #darkfeatures #nohate #lovebrowneyes #LoveBlueEyes #LoveGreenEyes #brunettes 👸🏻😍👌 Also read: Brownie Locks Day - It's All About Brunettes

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