The Key To Attracting A High Quality Man

Updated: Feb 22

Do men really prefer blondes and redheads over brunettes?

Winning at love, with your dark hair

Struggle #5:

If you want to make it all about hair when it comes to attraction, then let’s face it, blonde hair stands out in a crowd and more easily noticed as being different. Why? There are fewer blonde women than there are brunettes (easily noticeable and fewer in number, easily make men to double take on a blonde girl). And what I had was nothing special…. so I thought.  And what really made me cringe is when someone judged me based on the traits that I was born with, that I did not choose for myself. But that’s how the cookie crumbles doesn’t it? There is no way of getting around that.

I was not “out of the ordinary” compared to the rest of the world: so I thought,  especially among my peers. In my teen years I literally felt invisible to my peers, and when the blonde get's the guy you were going for, it's difficult not to hold grudges. But from what I hear from guys that age, they are looking for nothing less than perfect: perfect body, perfect hair, perfect face. Heck! I knew I would never be perfect. But you know something? Those blondes and gingers were not perfect either. So what was holding me back from getting my first date at 16? Let's get one thing straight: when it came to dealing with teenagers: immaturity. It was always the older men who told me I was stunning. By the time I got to be in my 20s, I finally met someone who was attracted to me and genuinely in love with me. So be patient gals! Love yourself and your traits, care for your hair and gain some confidence. There is somebody out there for everyone.

So what do blondes have that we don't have? Keep in mind, there are pros and cons with blonde hair, as well as dark hair. But learning to love your traits in spite of the cons and recognizing the pros is important in overcoming insecurity or a lack of confidence. 

So which do I want to be? Do I want to blend in and be like everyone else, or do I want to be different? Something to ponder. Imagine a scenario where every woman was blonde or most of them were blondes (and red-heads), such as my family. Will others react the same way to each blonde they see? Absolutely not. Generally, there are fewer blondes than brunettes, and as I earlier said, blonde hair is easily noticeable and immediately perceived as being different hence the engagement. The point is, reverse the scenario and men will start paying attention to Brunettes even though the blonde hair is still easily noticeable, because the prevalent factor kicks in. Men, in nature likes challenges, getting a Blonde girl in this case will be too easy vs getting a brunette girl.

Standing out as a brunette

Maybe it wasn’t that I was different or similar to other people, it was that I was dissatisfied with what I got. I was fixated on what others had that I didn’t have. It got to the point that I didn't care anymore and just chopped it all off, the heck with it! The truth of the matter is that we dark haired gals often feel like we need to work harder to get noticed and put in the extra effort to stand out than those who were born with unusual physical traits. That’s not an exaggeration. We need to put ourselves out there, let ourselves shine (and our hair), let people get to know us. After all, there is so much more to a woman than her physical characteristics.

So what truly attracts men? We will get into this! It is so much more than hair color, gals!

1. A white smile

2. Your smell

3. Red lipstick? - I suggest you care for your skin and use a derma roller to brighten up your lips naturally.


4. Grow your hair out long.

5. Wearing some type of red on your clothing. It catches the eye of men.

6. Take care of yourself, eat right and take care of your body.

Next read: Do I have to be different to be better?

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