The Reason For America's Health Decline

Updated: Aug 4, 2018

There is more to caring for yourself than just your hair.

The reason for America's health decline

We Americans know this more than anyone else, even in the midst of certain movements, such as the fat acceptance movement attempting to normalize obesity challenging the rhetoric that only skinny fit can be beautiful. Deep down inside, we all know the truth. A fit and healthy body will always be what is considered beautiful.

Fat acceptance failure

"Sure, it's great to want to feel good about yourself. But it is impossible to love yourself when doing something that is self destructive. Also, self destructive behaviors that cause rehabilitation or disfigurement of the body is NEVER going to be perceived as beautiful." - Meme Roth

This is true. We get that. Some people have problems that are difficult to overcome. To people who aren't overweight or who don't understand, being overweight can seem like a simple problem ("Hey, you're just not eating right or exercising enough!") with a simple solution ("Hey, just eat less or exercise more!"). That's not helpful, and it can often make people feel like extra weight is their fault — which of course it's not. If losing weight were simple, no one would be in the situation of staying overweight. So it's natural to feel frustrated, angry, or upset. Yes, I have been ridiculed for it. Yes, I am doing something about it. It's a real struggle that isn't overcome overnight. It takes time, motivation, and making better decisions for yourself.

It is amazing how other people outside of America view us. The "fat" stereo type is always the first thing people say about us. Many people outside of America either don't understand or don't realize why America's health is in such a decline, and much of the time, neither do many of the Americans who have lived in this country for generations. Many outside of America are so quick to judge us and mock by calling us all fat whales which is so insulting to Americans! What a world we live in! Wouldn't you get sick of this stereotype being slapped on your country and your people? You'd be thinking:

"Not all of us are morbidly obese! Yet, the whole world believes it."

But that doesn't change the fact that most Americans are either overweight or obese. And the whole world knows it. Here is the proof!

Of course we know we have an obesity epidemic. No need to rub it in our faces! We know that America has it's health problems. Truth is, we've been lied to by our own corrupt government, big pharma, and the FDA about what is good for us and what is not. They allow roundup and other dangerous chemicals to be sprayed on our crops. They allow the animals to be raised in the most inhuman ways, injecting them with growth hormones, steroids, antibiotics, and other dangerous drugs. They purposely poison us through our water, food and medicine by adding chemicals to the water and additives in such as MSG, corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, artificial sugars and sweeteners (and the list goes on) which will in no case, make you obese. There are also many different names for these additives making it very difficult to determine what and what not to buy, or what is healthy, or what isn't. And for the record, just because it says "Healthy Choice" on the box doesn't mean that it is. This is another thing Americans have been deceived by.

And that's not all. The truth about natural cures has also been debunked by big Pharma and the government. They have even gone so far as to outlaw some of these natural cures, such as HCG hormone therapy (the only cure for obesity discovered) while selling us cheap counterfeits that suppress the problem and often worsen it rather than to cure the source of the problem. It's all about money and greed.

So what is the truth? Let's take a look below.

Many of us, who grew up in America; were not warned of these dangers, and many have had to learn the hard way. The cure for cancer (building your immune system) and the cure for obesity (real HCG hormone therapy) have been debunked by big pharma for years. Why? Because if these cures are made known, these corrupt organizations and companies would lose millions of dollars. It's all about profit! The scum of this earth will jump upon anything to make money, even if it is to the hurt of others! Because the poisoning of America and to make people sick is also to make big pharma more money, the food industry more money, and the diet/weight loss industry more money. These people only care about getting our money, nothing more!

Most American children, including the young adults of today have been force fed poisons since birth. No wonder America's health is in jeopardy. Medical cures have been outlawed by the FDA making it difficult to get a hold of the actual cures for obesity and cancer. It's sad that we have to go outside of the United States just to get the care and treatment that we need to cure these diseases! And many people still have their heads in the sand. Stop buying into the lies these money making scammers are advertisers are pushing on you. Quit believing the propaganda vomit of the mainstream media and big pharma! 

If you would like to know more about how to cure obesity, check out this video about "The Weight Loss Cure They don't Wan't You to Know About". (I used this method to cure my obesity): 

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