What I love about being a brunette

Updated: Aug 4, 2018

What I love about being a brunette

Red hair and Blonde hair may be rare gifts. But gorgeous dark shiny locks are a gift just as much! We European brunettes may make up 11% of the world's population, but our shiny hair can be just as stunning and just as beautiful if properly cared for.

The only brunette Disney Princess

On a side not: Growing up, I hated my dark chocolate locks because I thought that the only way for a girl to be pretty is if she had light hair and eyes. But the first time I watched Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" was magical. Belle, the smartest and most beautiful girl in the movie was a brunette, just like me. She still is my favorite Princess today, because she showed me I could be pretty, too. Now I love my hair. Here are some reasons you should love your dark locks and show off your natural beauty, too!

Elegant brunette

Natural brown hair is cheaper and better: That's right. If you are a bottle blonde or red-head, you will find out very shortly that it is not cheap. Not only that, but in order to dye your dark hair, it will require heavy duty bleach, which would absolutely kill your shine. You would literally have to pay $90 + tip for a cut and color (roots only). Stylists charge up to $55 just to color just the roots. Getting that done every 8-10 weeks can really be a strain financially, and on your hair. Going natural will save you in the long run! Besides, there is something so special, so fundamentally more attractive about natural beauty that bottled blonde hair or bleached brittle hair does not even come close to.

You can wear anythingBrunettes can get away with a lot more than blondes and red-heads when it comes to what we wear and color matching: including our make-up (if you wear it). Most any color goes with dark hair, and you don't have to worry about your cloths blending in with your hair.... most of the time..

Shiny brown hair

We shine in the summer, and all year around! We may not possess those epic

beach vibes that our blonde and red counterparts do, but that's ok. Our mega shine makes up for that. That's right. Dark hair has a tendency to be much shinier than lighter hair colors. That sun just soaks up our dark strands and glimmers off of each peace. That's pretty hard to match. Here are some tips for all you dark haired gals on How to keep brown hair sparkly shiny.

Brunettes are dark and mysterious

We're mysterious! For some reason, brunettes are always perceived as dark and mysterious, which ties into our attractive allure to the opposite sex!  Maybe it might be because we tend to be smart and think a lot more before we speak. The dark and dangerous label isn't bad at all.

Killer Eyelashes and brows: If you were born with dark hair, chances are you've got those eyelashes and brows that really stand out, what many others wish they had. Yes, even blondes complain how their eyelashes look invisible. Thankfully, brown haired people have this advantage. 

Brunettes have those killer lashes

Brunettes are seen as marriage material

Men prefer to marry brunettes.  I know this may sound a little crazy, but a whopping 54 percent chose brunettes in a survey placed last year: 1,000 men were surveyed to find out which hair color they preferred on a woman and you'll never guess, it was brown. That's a large percent, so the "gentlemen prefer blondes" slogan may not always be true after all. Don't let the competitive blondes fool you into believing that you don't have a chance to find a soul mate. You have the advantage, so take it. We know there are many gentlemen that prefer brunettes!

Shiny Brown hair

We Brunettes are the majority of Western society: which means we rule the west!

Dark chocolate hair is simply gorgeous! That coupled with the fairest of white skin tone and olive green eyes (or any other eye color) is simply gorgeous, which makes me a fabulously unique individual. Hair dye? Wigs? No way! I will never ruin my dark locks with a bottle of bleach. It may be average but it's mine and I'm proud of it, and you should be too! Nuff said!

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