Why Brunettes Are The Absolute Greatest

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Why dark hair beauties are the most successful and sensible! Brown hair coupled with light skin is simply amazing! So let's look at why!

We get it, we have brown hair, the most underrated hair color.

And most people in this world have really dark hair and eyes, as brown hair is the second most common hair color in the world right below black hair.

Not all princesses are blonde

But having brown hair is still very classy and elegant, especially with lighter skin tones. There is a reason many brunette women have won at love, adoration, romance, publicity, high status, and even married princes and kings.

This is proof that you can have these features and look absolutely stunning. And by touting our natural brown hair color, by no means are we saying, “I am boring.” but rather, “I don’t need bi-monthly visits to the salon to look gorgeous.” It complements our light skin tones better than any other hair shade. No root touch-ups needed!

We also have that 'hot librarian' status going on. We are the stereotypical smart and classy sensation, which in turn gives us more opportunities to win.

Sure, blondes get Hillary.

But we have Queen Elizabeth and Princess Charlotte!

We all know that Marlyn Monroe was a brunette undercover.

And Audrey Hepburn was one of us!

And why do so many blondes decide to go dark?

Statistics show that brunettes make more money and advance more in their careers. Why? The brunettes are perceived to be more intelligent.

People also perceive brunettes as better friends and wives.

We also have some of the best actresses. Many of them have shown us we can win with our brown hair. We also have some amazingly gorgeous brunette actresses. This includes, but not limited to:

Annette Melton

Alessia Bonacci

Jaclyn Jonet

Natalie Portman

Natasha Blasick

And much more! Brunettes are also more perceived as marriage material.

The "Most Beautiful Woman in the World" are majority brunette!

The hottest guys prefer brunettes!

Brunettes may be abundant, but that's only because we're abundantly awesome.

It's all about the brunette! 🙌 #classyclassy #darkfeaturesdarkfeatures #nohatenohate #lovebrowneyeslovebrowneyes #LoveBlueEyesLoveBlueEyes #LoveGreenEyesLoveGreenEyes #AmberEyes #brunettesbrunettes #DarkAndLovelyLocks 👸🏻😍👌

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