Why is dark hair and white skin considered to be so attractive?

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

It is said that dark hair + light skin combination may have some appeal in the way they stand out in striking contrast to each other.

Don’t quote me on this, but I read somewhere that people find faces more attractive if certain features (e.g. eyes, eyebrow, lips) stand out on the face, which is why face-detecting software like How old do I look? assumes a person is a woman if they have darker features that stand out against pale skin. And the greater the contrast between the coloring of the features, the more attractive the face is. For example, if you have a light-skinned person with fair hair, the skin and the hair will be too similar, and the person will look all one color. Dark hair also means dark eyebrows and dark eyelashes, which make the eyes appear larger. And bright red lipstick stands out more than “nude” pink that basically makes a pale person’s lips disappear right into the rest of their face.

This is not to say, of course, that dark-skinned people with dark hair are not attractive. It’s just that, at first glance, people are more likely to immediately notice a dark-haired-light-skinned person’s features contrasting against their skin, than they are to notice a dark-haired-dark-skinned person who has better-looking bone structure/prettier hair/clearer skin. - Pepper Chen

It’s an unusual combination, and people like what’s unusual. Having white skin and light eyes is actually a beauty standards in most places in the world, but if you mix it with dark hair it becomes way more exotic.

"If I think of someone with these characteristics I think of someone who’s attractive, be it a man or a woman, and the people I have known in real life who are naturally born with these features receive quite a lot of attention for it, even if they might not exactly meet the typical beauty standards. I guess it just “works” with most people." - Caterina Pietronudo


High contrast = Beauty & youth

Low contrast = Aging & muted features

When we are young our hair colour is richer, lips pinker and eyes clearer. When we age the colours starts blending together and get muted.

That's why blondes look old much sooner than brunettes. - Josephine Dahl

Only caucasians and part caucasians can have this combination of dark hair and light skin. So take pride in your natural beauty and wear it unapologetically!

It is a rarer combo than most. Exotic in nature. - Jesse McCall

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