Can brunettes have at least one song?

Updated: Apr 26

Women SALTY over a Brunette girl song.

When it comes to us brunettes, many a time; we have been left out concerning annual celebrations and publicity, no joke! There aren’t very many celebration days that are exclusively centered around us. There aren’t any magazines or books centered around only women who look like us, yet we are expected to step aside and allow others to be elevated above us. And we have taken it. We have elevated everyone one above ourselves. But why not put yourself first for once?

How they react when Europeans with Dark features are elevated

White blonde women and redheaded women are not only praised for their lightness, but they are also elevated on their own exclusive platforms. You see it all the time. But how do they respond when a woman with darker features is being elevated?

A hatred for dark features (according to the aryan religion)?

Posting about brunette struggles is weird or sulking?

Why would you make a statement like that to someone who is actually making a good point? What is unlikable or weird or sulking about it? You know it’s the right kind of promotion when you get this type of response from haters. Truth is, I’m not mad or upset. I actually like this because it proves a point.

Haters are going to hate. That’s what they do. You know they just “jokingly” put us down because they see us as rivals, right? And yet they are so surprised when someone has something to say about it? Look at them! Just showing an example of who is usually hating. If it is true that we are not as beautiful as these women are, then why do these things bother them so much? Why would it even invoke this type of response?

I know this may seem a little hurtful to some of you ladies, but I want you to get to a point when it doesn’t phase you anymore. And how did we get over 3000 subscribers in a year if we don’t matter and we’re so inferior?

Light women if you think women with dark features hate you or are envious of you, let me be the one to say that we don't. We're just tired of being ridiculed.

We appreciate all the diversity of our people and love the different hair and eye combinations. But white women with dark hair have a beauty and we matter, too. We can have long hair and pretty bodies and faces as well. It's not about despising light features on people. It really isn't. Big ups to those who understand that. However, I think it’s pretty sad that a good number of you don't want to see dark porcelain women being praise, too. One could say that's hateful. See how I can turn that around on you?

Brunettes Do It Better??? Do What Better?

Brunettes do it better

Recently, I ran across a song celebrating brunettes titled “Brunettes Do it Better”. And although it wasn't my favorite kind of music, or my music of choice, I just want to say I'm really happy brunettes finally get some love and appreciation for once. But, as always, you will have those other women with different beauty types mosing their way on over to the brunette videos and calling for attention to themselves. It’s like the scenario when someone is posting something under your new Youtube video saying: “Nice video. Check out my channel!” That accompanied with a link to their video, because you know they aren’t there to celebrate you! They were only there to call for attention to themselves. These women may post questions and comments such as the ones below:

Comments from blondes:

“brunettes maybe do it better, but blondes are the best! ;)."

“I still think blondes do it better.”

"This is offensive ( i have blonde hair)."

So many offended blondes here.

Lightness and rarity are ALWAYS elevated because it's so eye catching. Don't get me wrong, being blonde doesn't make you Cinderella. But it does make you stand out. But when it comes to brown hair, we do often have to work harder to get noticed. Unlike blondes, we brunettes don't rely on our hair color to stand out. We have to make ourselves stand out in other ways. #BrunetteStruggles

Some may even take offense to other women being celebrated or being proud!

Offended Blonde

All women should understand that another women being beautiful does not make you any less beautiful. So lets stop trying to change ourselves.

Response to "Brunettes Do It Better"

Comments from Ravens:

"Black hair even better 😋😌"

“What about pitch black ??? Crying.”

“I'm just thinking about where the black haired people fit in…”

“It’s a pity that i have black hair I’m not part of the song”

(Yes, raven haired women have a song, too. It’s called “Black is the color of my true love’s hair” Check it out!)

Often, raven haired women will try to argue their way into being included into the brunette demographic. And although raven hair is often put in the same category as brown hair, it is indeed very different' from brown hair as the genetics to make black hair are vastly different than brown. See how they differ.

Often, raven haired women will argue their way into being included in the brunette demographic.

If a raven hair can be classified as brunette, does that mean that my brown hair can be considered black? Didn't think so.

Black hair is not the same as brown hair. They are different.

For more details, read the difference between brown locks and black locks.

Comments from redheads:

“What about redheads?”

“But what about people with auburn or ginger or strawberry blond hair ?!?!?!?!”

“And the red heads are like waiting for their own song.”

“Why are there no songs about gingers?”

(Some of them speak as if they don’t get enough publicity already?)

Now this is the big one that I will have a lot more to say about, since their publicity is so huge! Why should we force ourselves to step aside and allow them to be elevated above us when they don’t even give us a chance to shine? Or have one song? Just one? But…. But….

Why are there no songs about gingers???

If gingers and redheads are so fabulous that they don’t need a song, then why do they see the need to call attention to themselves under our videos? Even our pages?? And I could only imagine what would happen at a BrownieLocks festival or convention! And why do they see the need to have endless publicity to celebrate their hair color? They have magazines, multiple celebration days, festivals, books, and yes; even songs celebrating red hair (41 total on this linked page). There are endless articles written about how red heads are genetically superior to everyone else and special because of their hair. So really, who are the people with the major publicity? And where are all the brunette celebrations and pages? That's the REAL question.

Notice the suggestions on the right of the Brunette Beauty page. 👆 👆 👆 👆

We cannot even have a page of our own without these people trying to call attention to themselves. It never fails! 😂 😂 😂 😂

When we are in the spotlight for once, here comes the women with all light features trying to re-direct the attention back onto themselves. Meanwhile, they will dismiss us and diss us on their pages and videos. So when we decide to create our own thing, they have the audacity to get upset about it?

I’m not suggesting that everyone doesn’t have their own battles to fight. But things become a little racey when they mention how they want something for themselves when they see that we have something for us. As if they don’t always get the love or interest in the media and press, and our men?! Come on!

How absolutely narcissistic can you possibly be to get most of the love on various European pages? Blogs? Videos? Celebration days? Magazines? Books? How high-minded can you possibly be to get most of the love, not only in the white community, but also in the black community, Hispanic community, Asian community etc. because of your lighter features? And you're not interested in sharing that with us, right? But then you want to get so mad when brunettes get just one song?? You’re just mad because you were excluded and you couldn’t relate to it. Yet the same is done to us all the time!

Brunettes seize a moment to celebrate their hair on Twitter.

Back in 2017, #BrunetteTwitter was trending. Brunettes from all over the globe posted beautiful pictures of themselves and their gorgeous brown locks. And it wasn’t just dark-porcelains either, but also non-white women who may also have the hair color. However, as you scroll through it, it’s mostly brunette white women, because white people are the population that is most likely to have brown hair.

Make sure you post a beautiful picture of your hair with the hashtag #BrunetteTwitter or #BrunetteGab. Let’s get this thing trending, again!

I think this is empowering since we do bear the brunt of bias in the white community because of our dark hair and sometimes dark eyes by men who may prefer light hair and eyes on women.

Aryan Men & Their disposition with brown features

Earlier after I posted pictures of blonde Europeans with brown eyes, and noted how beautiful they are. And it's absolutely true. Of course, I did get some positive feedback, but you'll also get some negativity from those with this Aryan worldview. They never fail to be in your face with their disrespect. Why or for what reason? What are they trying to prove? What are they trying to accomplish while doing this?

Here is a long winded comment by one of them (a self-hating Aryan) and my response:

"To only advocate for one phenotype of European makes no sense. European diversity is vast ranging from alpine (Scotland Ireland) to Mediterranean (Spain and Italy) to Nordic (Scandinavian Germanic) and eastern (Slavic) also many more. We must advocate for ALL of our people as we are dying and in decline. There is a war to destroy us from within and without." - Mike Harland

Your dresses should be tight enough to show you're a woman and loose enough to show you're a lady. ❤️

This comment says it all. And I think we should stop putting each other down. Because this is the cause for someone to walk away from you, when you tell them that they are not worthy. Why preserve the heritage then? I had one go so far as to say that they don’t need us to keep it going? What a narrow minded point of view. It really is disrespectful.

Because surely those who are responsible for passing down those recessive genes aren't people who look like us, right? Believe me, you're not helping anyone. These colorist men who make statements like this also fail to acknowledge that we are the bread and butter of the white community. We are the women who are actually marrying the most, therefore producing more families to ensure our people have a future. And when we confront these biased men who put us down publicly for our dark hair shades and/or darker eye colors, they will often turn it around and say that we are trying to make ourselves look like victims. They will often treat us the same way as they do SJWs for calling them out for their disrespect.

They’ll tell us things such as:

"You’re petty", "You’re being divisive", "You should just take rejection with a smile", "stop crying about it", "Get over yourself", "You’re nothing special and you should just accept the truth, and if that offends you, we can’t help you".

“You’re making yourself look like a victim”, “Most people prefer what is

rare”, “you’re devoid of any useful traits”, “sorry, blonde is better”, “hold yourself to a standard”, "I'm a brunet, too. And I know this is B$%it". etc.

And they really just dismiss it as something that doesn’t need to be addressed or is unimportant.

And where are all of these other women when these men say things like that about us? I hear crickets.

On a side note: I have nothing against redheads or blondes. I have nothing against them being celebrated exclusively. I celebrate them. But when it comes to our own men dissing us for doing the same thing? And they want to tell us that we are trying to make ourselves look like victims by calling them out for their shaming tactics? Who wants to be a victim? This certainly doesn't apply to all of our men (or women), but as you point these things out, these Aryan airheads will deem you as some type of SJW or something.

So Why are non-brunette women SALTY About Brunettes getting one song?

When white women who possess these light and brighter features hear men like this putting us down in public while these men put them above us, many of them internalize this. So when we go so far as to confront this whole Aryan value system, they revert to attacking us. I have been told by some of these women: Why don’t you go bother other normal dark-haired people who are “boring to look at” such as yourself?

And yet they will get mad when a song is made about brunette women.

I’ve noticed, anytime we are uplifted, it’s like a 'wow factor' for both them and us! Because, let’s just face it; we are so used to being ignored that it really does come as a surprise. I’ll hear some brunette women say: “finally, a brunette post” or “finally, brunettes get some love for once!”. It really is a breath of fresh air to many of these women to see things like this. It made me realize, I’m not alone.

So why are light haired women so salty when we actually get one song? I’ll tell you why. It’s because they feel left out. And this tells you that brunette women's reaction to this bias and colorist attitude in the white community is normal. Because when a group of people feel left out due to their hair, eye or even skin pigmentation, they are going to feel excluded and many will feel bad about it. You may even hear complaints from some of them. So, brunettes; you are not crazy for feeling this way.

The funny thing is: These people who get mad over me confronting this Aryan value system are the same people who will exclude us from their platforms, magazines and celebration days, even their solidarity. But when you hear them put you down and you call them out for it? Or challenge their Aryan world view? You’re just a boring headed person. You're just a crybaby. You’re not special. Because remember, they have this need to feel superior over you.

But if they are so superior over us, why would they see the need to draw attention to themselves under our videos? Why would they see the need to get that validation? As if they don’t already have enough of it? Except non-brunette women were not criticized in the song. There was no demonstration, in the video; as to how we were more special than anyone else. We’re just on Twitter, Gab and Youtube celebrating our hair and skin and those things that which make us set apart from the rest. And yet these women get salty over it. That says a lot about them. How do they react when brunette women are put at the top by those who prefer them?

This goes to show you, you don’t have to say anything bad about other people for them to get offended, or feel angry.

It's human nature, folks. Need I say more? If they are not included, that is enough for someone to feel bad about themselves.

Is hairism the new colorism?

Some people would apply colorism to only those who are being judged by the color of their skin. But in the white community, we experience colorist bias in a very different way. This isn't all about skin color. More like hair and eye color or skin shade. I'll be covering this topic more later. Here is an example of what I'm talking about here:

“There is nothing wrong with brunettes. But most races prefer what is rare.”

This is the Aryan value system, people. And this is how shallow it really is.

Funny how we get these backhanded comments don't we? And that's perfectly fine. But what would happen if the roles were reversed? Think about it. He didn’t say there was anything wrong with brunettes, right? Just that we are not generally preferred by the majority of people on the planet. And that's ok, right?

Oh, I guess in this case, nobody said there was anything wrong with redheads or blondes in the song, either. Just that Brunettes do it better. So what is the issue, here? Women that get mad about things like this, but will be silent when these men put us down, they are exposing themselves.

So, brunette women; when these people gaslight you for calling them out for their disrespect, know that it is nothing but an attempt to put you down. Because if they cannot get you to believe that they are superior over you, they can’t get that elevation they want. They can't get that validation from you. Because, they want you to elevate them above yourself. So much that they can’t even handle the spotlight being on you for one second? In just one song? Then you sure and well know that they would not even be able to handle the type negativity that these biased colorist men often throw at us.

It's true. They want to keep their spot!

Many have a hard time admitting that they want some sort of advantage over other people, and then turn around and say that they really don't care about not being favored above everyone else? But for them not to care about being wanted by colorist men (of any race), they sure do defend their position in it, don't they? And some of them will get so mad when we don’t buy into that value system.

Let's keep posting videos like this! Let's stand proud of what makes us unique!

"But, Sonya; don't you think you're being a little divisive. We don't need to be divided! We need to be united!" Below is a man accusing me of spreading divide and conquer ideology for simply pointing these things out in an article called: The Aryan standard of beauty and the devaluation of Europeans with dark features. 👇👇👇👇

Below is a man gaslighting me for pointing this out 👇👇👇👇:

The truth is, these women who put us down or try to call attention to themselves under our posts don’t really care that these men say colorist things against us. They don’t because it gives them validation. Let that sink in! We’re not allowed to get angry when this happens, or we are just ' chimpanzees who are devoid of any useful traits', 'boring headed', 'or we are 'promoting divide and conquer ideology'. Yet, who comes to our defense when these men openly speak against us and exclude us from their solidarity, as if our identity should be solely based on having all light features? Our ethnic identity might as well be in question because of our dark aspects right? If that is not divisive, what is? 👇👇👇👇

And yet, the majority of the Western population have various shades brown hair, and each are unique. And they are the population with the most people with the hair color. Now you mean to tell me that brunette women or brunet men cannot share in that solidarity?

Let's acknowledge this, these women know they have more favor with these men, especially when they are uplifted as the standard of beauty. And we cannot even have one celebration day, one magazine, one book, one blog or website, or even one song?? Without these women crying about it? You've got to be kidding me!

This just goes to show you, if they were to experience bias as we do, they would respond just as we are. After all, they could not even let brunette women have their own spotlight without trying to draw attention back onto themselves, could they? Even on our pages? It's pretty obvious.

Listen brunette women, when we are celebrated there will be those who just can’t handle it! And I don’t feel sorry for them, because when it comes to us, we are the ones who champion us. We’re the ones who defend our position against these colorist remarks that are often thrown at us while they are praised for their lighter features. So, we are going to enjoy the spotlight when we get our chance to have it. And this certainly doesn’t apply to all women with all-lighter features or white advocates. There are many of our men who do support us. So lets give them our support.

Some people will point out: “If it were redhead people, it would come with a complimentary truck”. Of course it would. They are constantly praised all the time for their differences while we get the unfavorable criticism by these biased people. It never seizes to amaze me when they make an attempt to draw attention to themselves while we are in the spotlight.

This type of bias is prevalent, this Aryan value system is alive and well. It is has been ingrained in so many of us without even realizing it. And you know these women will try to take advantage of that. 👇👇👇👇

The Superiority Complex

Here is another one I found. Won't mention where I found it. But you get the picture.

The Superiority Complex

Two a penny? A dime a dozen? Well what do you know? And for those of you who want to think I’m being divisive by pointing this out, why are you not calling it divisive when these people openly speak out against us? Especially when you find yourself dealing with those ‘purity spiralists’ that will go so far as to exclude you from their solidarity, because in their mind; dark features are all brought to you by an invasion. Right from the horses mouth! 👇👇👇

Until we are treated with the same respect and valued equally, there will always be people that will be made to feel left out. That’s just the way it is.

And just how you tell us to take it with a smile, they should also take it with a smile when it’s our turn to shine. So many times we’ve had to step aside for everyone else! Brunette women, just give up the idea that these women will do the same for you. Give up the idea that they will want you to be elevated just as they are. They won’t.

So it’s time we stop measuring ourselves against this Aryan value system and start putting our beauty on top. Its time we stop cowering down to their shaming tactics by playing by their rules.

And to all my brown-haired sisters: for those who wish say that brunette is the worst hair color (I'm a brunette naturally), show them this music video! It will give them something to think about. And have fun!

It's all about the brunette! 🙌 #classy #darkfeatures #nohate #lovebrowneyes #LoveBlueEyes #LoveGreenEyes #AmberEyes #brunettes #DarkAndLovelyLocks 👸🏻😍👌 Check out various artists - Songs for brunette lovers

Also read: The Aryan Standard of Beauty and the Devaluation of European Women With Dark Features

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